It is almost the end of the summer in the great northwest and we wanted to try a new place as one final road trip since we are restricted from travelling internationally.

If interested, this page is where I keep posting updates on international travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

Here are some of the most recent explorations of the Northwest this summer:

Now, on to the latest trip!

Since we could not go to Canada, we went to Semiahmoo! IMHO, this is very similar to visiting Suncadia.  The atmosphere, the environment, the activities are almost the same…the only difference is the water versus mountains.

You cannot cross the border, but you can actually Canada across the water…in some places it is so close, you could literally swim to Canada.

If you look close, you can see the actual border crossing Peace Arch.

The attached port is actually quite old and historic.  A lot of dated structures and older maritime are available to inspect.  Make sure you bring a light jacket as the wind does pick up frequently since you are surrounded by water on both sides.

Unfortunately, it is not well kept, there is not any self guided tours or maps.  It seems that a lot of the previous local tours and water guides have all disappeared/shut down due to the pandemic.

On the positive side, the peninsula is a great (and scenic) place to go walking, running, biking and hiking. I did a little of all three myself.  The resort has some older/used bikes for guests which is convenient even though they are not high quality or well maintained.

One of the hidden gems is the running/walking/hiking trails that are on the south side of the bay and at the end of the maintained paths that are open to the public.  You have to avoid the private property trails, but they are well marked with signs, so no worries there.

The best part is the evening sunsets where you can watch the sun go down and also roast some complimentary smores every evening. The first night, we could not tell if we missed a missile being launched from Canada or if a UFO crashed into the ocean.

But in all reality, how could you compare these sunset views compared to many other places in the world?  Is Hawaii even better than this sunset in the great Northwest?

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