Lake Quinault

Continuing the theme and need to restrict travel due to COVID-19, we decided to try and explore a new area in Washington State.  If interested, I try and keep this page updated for the latest news on vacation and business travel.

OK – where did we decided to explore?  Lake Quinault.

Now, it is not a short drive unless you leave early to avoid the traffic jams and the bottleneck in Aberdeen, Washington.  There is only 1 traffic light and it takes about 30 minutes to get through town.  Maybe it is everyone trying to get a picture of Kurt Cobain’s house who was raised in Aberdeen, but I digress…

Despite the lockdown, it is still hard to get a place to stay on a weekend, so book far in advance.  We were lucky to get a Veteran’s Discount and stayed at the famous Lake Quinault Lodge.

It is a gorgeous hotel with a lot of history and charm. The staff works hard to make it a pleasant stay for everyone.  95% of everyone wore masks so that reduced stress a lot.

A wonderful place to enjoy a glass of wine (like the amazing Portteus Petite Sirah I found at a store) on the balcony or by a campfire down by the beach.

Now, what is the area most famous and popular activity?  Hiking of course!  There many trails and routes for all skills and distances.

Some of the trees MASSIVE in size and it feels like it compares to the Redwood Forest in California.

Even on a weekend, there are not many people and some of the scenes are quite eery…and you expect vampires would be appearing if it was not light out…

The hardest part is to not succumb to taking a dip in the creeks or checking out some of the small waterfalls that you find all over the area. Crystal clear, but cold water is very tempting to jump into.

Our second hike to the east allowed us to check out some more falls.

This one is a little misleading as it has a very deep drop on the other side.  This was Gratton Creek which is very accessible.

Check out this tree.  Have you every seen anything like it? It looks like helicopters rising in the year for about 200 feet.

And then about 5 minutes later in the hot sun, underneath a branch was this…THING.  What in the world is it?  Was it left behind by an alien vistor?

The highlight at the end of the second hike was a visit to the largest Spruce Tree in the world.  This picture does not provide the right perspective, but it is massive in size and has a total circumference of 56 feet and was 1,000 years old!  I have never heard of a tree in the United States ever being this old or actually any tree outside of olive trees in Israel being that old.  Worth a visit!

and you can end each day with a campfire on the beach with some amazing sunsets!

The Roosevelt restaurant in the Lodge is quite nice when it comes to preparing tasty meals that you can take out during the COVID-19 restrictions.  Their pizzas are immensely popular and we would also recommend the local Salmon House down the road about 1 mile away which prepares some amazing salmon dishes if you would like something different.

If interested in checking out some other fun hiking places to visit in Washington State, check out some of my other posts.




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