Rural China

We flew into Guilin, but we are staying in a resort near Yungshou which provides for interesting places to run of course!

It looks like a wonderful place to do some hiking, but we unfortunately did not have enough time. I was only able to sneak in a run or two.

East of the village is not rice paddies, but fields full of sugar cane.

What I found when running through the area is many local stands of people selling the sugar cane. Many people stop and buy the sugar cane to take home as fruit or to make juice.

The other cool thing about running around the world is you get to see some of the local tradecraft and activities. This was pretty cool to see a lady making cement blocks all by herself with this machine. Pretty industrious!

Running around the world is always fun.  Some of my other favorite spots:

Today, we spent most of the day checking out the local scene and getting the pulse of this rural community that is so different from the massive cities in the east.

The best way to start out an early morning is to walk through the local market. Very popular for locals and a great place to get some very cheap delicies. You do have to be careful with the dough based snacks as they are extremely greasy.

Here is a surprise treat that is not easily found in most Cafes. Anyone know what this is??? Guess!

We spent a good chunk of the morning walking through the very old and historic village of Fuli. The traditional style of all doorways on this area is to have the red calligraphy above and to the sides of all doors.

It is amazing what you can see in some of the abandoned homes and apartments. Check out this old Mao communist poster!

Another surprise delight was to see a local blacksmith working on making some tools. Quite amazing to see how he built a forge out of an old oil barrel.

Tonight, we went to see the famous Impression Show. This is a huge event that is held every night with 600 local performers and is fully packed every night. Check out the views of the mountains in the backdrop!

It has been running since 2004 and was created by the famous director and choreographer from the Beijing Olympics.  I think his name was Zhang Yimou.

The picture above is a famous singer or dancer I think, but I did not catch all the details.  The h is impressive to say the least.  Here is one of the videos I captured.

It is quite a show and a must see. Our pictures are a little distant, but it was amazing to see this wave of Imperial Stormtroopers for the upcoming Star Wars movie being released in December. We felt safe since we had VIP seats on the suites up on top and could escape easily.

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