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A Day of Adventure in Grenada

We wanted to explore the internal sites and culture of Grenada a little further, so we worked with a local guide and driver Vaughan Francis to spend the day with some diverse activities. First, we went hiking the natural forest … Continue reading

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The Grenada Carnival Event and Parade

Ready for a fun posting?  Let’s talk about the Grenada Carnival. In August, it is Carnival time in Grenada. It is like a combination of Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans Mardi Gras. We took a boat ride over to … Continue reading

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Diving in Grenada

Did a couple of morning dives today in Grenada. The first one was called Purple Sands and was on the Caribbean side of the island. Nothing too memorable to call out. The second one was on the Atlantic side and … Continue reading

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Running in Grenada

It is our first full day here…so what did we do? We went running to explore the local town.  And yes, it was brutally hot.  90 degrees and you felt like you went swimming after a 10K run. Lots of … Continue reading

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Grenada Caribbean

You have to take a redeye from Seattle to get to Grenada… But it looks like August is a great time to visit this island. It is a long ways from Seattle, but it appears to be a great getaway … Continue reading

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