Most Popular Travel Photos

When I got notification from Google Maps that one of my photos had 1,000,000 (yes 1 million ) views, I thought I should take a look and see what was the most popular.

Let’s start with #5.

When visiting London on a business trip, I always like to take an evening break and check out a theater.  This one was a pre-show shot I took of the Criterion Theater in Piccadilly Circus.

Almost 5,000 views for this posting on Google maps!

#4. The next one is a very interesting one from New York City. Shopsins!

This is one of the best unique local restaurants I have ever visited and eaten at in my life. I was able to visit when on a business trip to NYC a few years back which I blogged about.

To this day, it has over 8,000 views!

On to #3. I am not sure why, but this one has received almost 10,000 views. Where is it?

It is the Ritz Calton hotel in Palm Springs which was a great weekend escape from the great Pacific Northwest!

Lets go international again for #2.

This was a great trip and visit to Haiti. This is called called Norm’s Place and you can find many of my photos on Google Maps.

Guess how many views this has received to date? 17,000 so far. Wow!

You have been waiting for it! What was #1? 

This wonderful (Asian) restaurant in Hyderabad India. Mainland China.

I was just notified in April 2021, that this picture now has in excess of 2.1 million views! Why so popular? I wish I could guess.

I never knew this business trip and my travel photography would have such an impact!  It is a highly recommended restaurant for groups looking to have a well coordinated business lunch.

You can never guess when you may become popular and famous when you post a picture on Google Maps!

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