Foynes and Cliffs of Moher Ireland

We made an interesting stop in Foynes at the Flying Boat Museum. This was a surprising history lesson as this location was the first international airport across the Atlantic to North America. We toured a historic Boeing 314 flying boat which was huge!

You get a sleeping cabin, robes and a 7 course meal for only $4500 each way! What a deal!

The other things were learned here was this was the location where the Irish coffee was invented. It was created after a fight that was returned due to harsh weather. The last thing I actually learned about Ireland today was the fact that Ireland was neutral in WW II.  I never knew that. Always learning…

We then traveled through Limerick today and had some good fish and chips in a pub in Bunratty Village.


We then continued on to the coastal area to see the Cliffs of Moher.


They are HUGE!  Amazing views and breathtaking experience when outside the boundaries of the official park.

 They bring great memories of the Princess Bride movie when you look across the miles of cliffs with no way up 🙂


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