Belfast and Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

We spent a little more time in Northern Ireland and then went on to Belfast. I must admit that Northern Ireland is much more expensive (than the south) and the US dollar currency rate against the pound is horrible…

We left Derry and then headed east.  We made a quick stop to take a picture of the Dunluce castle on the coast that had its kitchen fall into the ocean.

We then went to see the Giant’s Causeway. This is a world heritage or ancient wonder of the world site.  The good and bad: it was pouring and blowing rain. The good is that the hexagonal shapes of the lava is amazing to see. 

There are columns of hexagons and also gazillions of hexagon stepping stones that you can walk into the ocean.  Apparently, this site shows up in lots of movies and TV shows. Unique to say the least.

We then headed to Belfast.  I guess the day before, there was a big riot in Belfast for some reason.  We continued on: no fear!  We did a quick drive around the city center and then went to the Titanic Belfast museumIt was a nice historical editorial of how White Star built ships and the Titanic. A little touristy, but overall a nice place to visit and very educational.



Back to Dublin!

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