Lady Gaga Enigma Show in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? If you want to see a more recent adventure in Nevada, check out this recent story I posted about the challenges of getting married during COVID-19.

Well, when you see a concert/performance/show like Lady Gaga, you must share.  But Las Vegas is much more than just one show!

But when you travel, you must also explore and run right?  Every time I visit I go for a run.  Here is one posting after I ran in the mountains.

I snuck in a 8 mile run and headed to the mountains to prepare for the evening show.  You can also go hiking or rock climbing like we did in the past in Red Rock in Las Vegas area.

OK – everyone does not want to hear about that right?

You want to hear about Lady Gaga right?  On to the concert!  Yes, I know she is famous for her recent movie, but the show is much more than that.  However, as a spoiler, the song Shallow written by her and in the movie, was certainly the hit of the show.  If you scroll to the end, you can listen to the amazing recording my Pixel 3 phone captured during her performance.

First and foremost, it is not a concert, it is a show.  It is like a Broadway performance and musical with acting and special effects.  It is held in the Park MGM Theater, not a massive arena where it is massive and you are 1,000 feet away from the artist!

The Park MGM Theater It is much more intimate and everyone is connected to the show and artist, because you are at most, 150 feet away from the stage.  There are high end tables and VIP seating which you can see in the video below, but I think some of the best seats for the money are in section 301, Row A.  You have nobody sitting in front of you, yet you are above the main floor.  A clear win-win!

Let’s talk about the show.  Here is the playlist for Enigma, which does not change because it is a show and story with some virtual characters and acting on the main screen.  It is like a sci-fi movie from the start.

Everyone asks when the show starts, what time it starts, etc.  The tickets say 8:00 PM, but that is never realistic.  But it was now 10:00 PM either.  It starts around 8:20 or 8:30 and begins with Lady Gaga dropping down from the top of the theater which is a true kickoff of what is going to transpire over the next 2 hours.

It is hard to believe but she drops from the ceiling, she is actually playing her instrument and singing.

The Enigma show is a story…in some ways like Abba and Mamma Mia.  There is a science fiction story that is woven through the evening that ties fantasy and her life story together.

Of course, the second song was Poker Face. The sound is not as good as the ending video (spoiler, you will want to listen to that one), but you cannot blame people when they are all excited and signing along.

You have to love the Pixel 3 XL phone for the picture, sound and night sight capabilities.  They helped me to capture the story and Lady Gaga in her giant robot.  I almost felt like this was an upcoming scene in Valve’s upcoming Half-Life 3 game 😉

Now the best audio with the Google Pixel3 phone:

OK – here is the best part of the show.  The Encore.  The Ending.  The Experience.  The Story.

It is all all based on her Oscar nominated song Shallow in “A Star is Born” movie. I think once you see this video (the sound is incredible) and hear her voice, you will want to try and see this show in Vegas.

And if you have missed the movie, you are truly missing out!

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9 Responses to Lady Gaga Enigma Show in Las Vegas

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  2. She always kills every show she does, I love her! Shiesse (with the gigantic robot) was the highlight for me.
    I also love that it had a story/plot!

  3. screenstreams says:

    It was such a good show! She always kills it.
    My fave part was Shiesse with the big robot. I also loved that it had a story/plot!

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