Hard Rock Cafes

I decided it was time to write a quick and fun posting on my experience of visiting Hard Rock Cafes around the world!

Why – I don’t know…similar to geocaching, it was a fun way to track my travel adventures and collect some souvenirs!

I was surprised to see on the official list there are hundreds, so I guess I have a long ways to go, so…

OK – where did I start?

  • Paris in December 1994. I was in the Navy and took a long weekend by the TGV train from Nice France. The Hard Rock cafe still using francs and I have the menu I snuck away with 🙂

  • Las Vegas – Hard Rock Casino – August 1997. Not long after the military and my cybersecurity interest kickoff, I attended DefCon and had to visit the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel as part of my adventures.

  • Amsterdam – August 2000.
  • London – August 2000.
  • Paris, France – August 2000. This group of three was on a 10 day trip through Europe so visited each one along the way.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – 2001. I do not have a picture of this one, but I had a long layover (12 hours) on the way to Israel, so why not go out into town and explore a little and have some lunch?

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico – May 2004. As part of a long weekend getaway and exploration of San Juan, the Hard Rock was a great choice for an afternoon lunch after exploring the city.

  • Berlin Germany – April 2007. One of many business trip spots. Great place to meet after a day of conference meetings. I need to post some pictures from some of these trips.

  • Budapest, May – 2008. Budapest is an amazing city and the local restaurants are the best, but had to visit and check off another one on the list.

  • Bucharest, Romania – July 2008. This was a nice weekend getaway visiting friends when we lived in Israel.

  • Seattle, WA – 2010. The home town of course.

  • San Francisco – February 2012. A weekend getaway after visiting Alcatraz.

  • Buenos Aires – December 2012. That week, was on a tour around the city, but had a break and opportunity to explore. Why not try and find the Hard Rock?
  • Madrid, Spain – March 2015. We spent a few days in Madrid and after a run in the park, the Hard Rock was a great choice for lunch.

  • Saigon, Vietnam – August 2014. The tour had ended and spent the day running along the river and shopping. A great way to enjoy a local beer and burger before heading home!

  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – January 2016. On this one, there was actually two visits. One to the cafe to have burgers and beer while watching a Seahawks playoff game and another to the Casino to enjoy a night out on the fun island.
  • Krakow, Poland – May 2016. We were on a guided tour around Poland and this was a great choice when on a break in the famous tourist square in Krakow.

  • Honolulu, Hawaii – December 2021. This was a new one and a great winter break location during the holiday season.
  • Dubai, U.A.E. – November 2022. I know it is not as exciting, but I can check off another city on the list as I visited the cafe in the Dubai airport and bought some hoodies!

If anyone that I have travelled with thinks I have missed one, let me know so I can update the great list!

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1 Response to Hard Rock Cafes

  1. Paul Portteus says:

    I remember San Francisco with you, 2012?? I had a bad headache but had a drink anyway, didn’t help!

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