Toledo, Avila and Salamanca

Today we drove to Toledo to get an early morning scenic view of the city amongst the $5 million euro homes on the outside hills overlooking the river and ancient city walls…


Apparently this is where El Greco painted one of his most famous works many years ago, but unfortunately the actual work in in a New York city museum.  Good excuse to go visit later this year!


Since it was an early morning Sunday, we had an opportunity to walk through the central area of Toledo with the famous cathedral and landmarks without mass crowds, tourists or locals…


After enjoying a nice cappuccino, we took a stroll through the Jewish quarter, which is now only occupied by two Jewish families that were banished many years ago by the previous religious government(s).

IMG_5816  IMG_5820

What was of special interest was the MOST famous El Greco painting in a church in the former community. When explained, his work of art was quite an  amazing story to hear and understand.

With a good guide, I must admit it was one of the best historical explanations I have ever heard of a work of art in my lifetime. Definitely worth visiting Toledo to see.


We of course left Toledo by walking out along the St Martin bridge to enjoy the quiet Sunday morning along the river.


Since it was a quiet day, we continued to head west to Avila to take a peek at the well preserved castle walls…and grab a little lunch since most restaurants are closed on Sundays.


We spent the night in Salamanca to sneak in a little running with the locals and enjoy some of their famous graffiti artistry in the central park area.

WP_20150315_003  WP_20150315_002

Always having fun burning some calories so we can enjoy Spanish food and wine!

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