Self-Care and Personal Growth: Starting a New Chapter With Care

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The thing about major life changes is that we sometimes forget to stop and take some time for ourselves. This, however, is one of the most important times for self-care. As your new journey begins, incorporate these techniques into your life to inspire personal growth.


Traveling doesn’t just get you out of town, it gets your brain out of its usual groove. You’re allowing it to rest from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life and letting it explore new places and experiences. Though you may use your phone to help navigate and take photos, for the most part, you’ll be able to break away from your electronic devices and really see the world. Keep the focus on relaxation and escape. This is especially important when you’re going through a dramatic life change; it’s a chance to rest and recharge before diving right into your new adventure.

Look for opportunities to get pampered while you’re away. Even if you have a partner to share the daily workload with, it’s refreshing to have someone wait on you for a change. Spa treatments, special dinners, and easy transportation are all ways to keep your mind at ease during your vacation.

Make “you time” a priority every day

As noted by the Checkup by SingleCare, stress is on the rise in America. 75% of adults say they face symptoms like insomnia and headaches, and nearly half say stress has affected their behavior negatively. Even when starting a positive, exciting new adventure, stress is going to tag along. These are just a few reasons why “you time” is essential.

“You time” will look different for everyone. Maybe it’s taking time each day to curl up with your favorite book, or perhaps exercise helps you burn off both calories and stress. Journaling, calling a friend to catch up, watching your favorite TV show, and even napping are great ways to take time for yourself. If you’re looking to challenge your mind, taking online classes to complement your job is another great option. Going virtual leaves you time for work and family duties and lets your brain operate and study in a new way. Just be sure that any online school you look at is accredited and offers competitive tuition rates.

Design a relaxation space in your home

This is a great idea for anyone, especially if you’ve recently moved. This should be a space where you can go for peace and solitude. It might be the spot where you go to read, meditate, or simply just be. You can go there after a particularly hectic day at work to clear your head or use it as a place to plan your next step in your new journey.

Your relaxation space can be an entire room or simply in the corner of a room. The San Francisco Gate suggests decorating with soothing colors like light purple, blue, green, and beige. This goes for both the walls and the furniture. Clutter creates stress so keep it simple. Aim for natural light when possible.

When you go to your special relaxation space, make sure your family knows not to disturb you. Turn off your cell phone — leaving it in another room is a great idea — and allow yourself to decompress and focus on whatever you need to.

Relaxation techniques for work

Whether you’ve started a new career or need some more self-care at your current job, there are plenty of relaxation techniques you can use at work. These include:

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Ear massage

Take five minutes to tidy up your workspace (again, clutter = stress), and then take some deep, relaxing breaths. Some people enjoy massaging the pressure point between their thumb and index finger. Others may feel their endorphins rise by stretching their arms, neck, and back. Try different techniques and figure out what really brings you back to your center.

Whatever your new adventure is, the stress of change will come along with it. Consider these techniques to reduce that anxiety and find personal growth.

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