Running Around the NSA

I thought I would write a fun little blog today since my flight back to Seattle was delayed.

Many people may not know, but you cannot actual visit and take pictures of the headquarters of the NSA in Maryland, but you can run around it and the business park surrounding all the specialized contract companies supporting the NSA!

It is a gorgeous area with great running sidewalks beautiful park areas.

But you must pay attention and not follow all biking trails unless you are authorized.

or attempt to enter a gate that is not marked.

One thing I never knew before is that the main road for the NSA is named “Sentinel”. How appropriate/ironic 😉

Now here is one for all the watch lovers out there. If you are going to visit the NSA, I do think you need to choose your watch carefully and wear one that matches the theme of the facility.

For the non-watch experts, here is a hint.

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