The Negev

The Negev is wonderful place to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle and explore a new world that is heavily populated with Bedouin villages.

It is sometimes surprising to see wild camels that are in the desert and less than an hour away from Tel Aviv.

It is going to have a GPS map in the desert where there are roads. And it was great to have Google Fi coverage for my Pixel 6 Pro which even gets a (free) data signal from a Jordan mobile carrier when far away from the populated Israeli areas.

I went exploring (4×4) along some of the long trails and routes the Bedouin would take hundreds of years ago and you will come across cisterns which they used to store water in the rainy season. They needed this cisterns as they travel across the dry desert and rocks which get extremely hot in the summer.

They are pretty popular historical hiking spots to stop and have a “picnic” or a break in the long treks.

This is where the Breitling Emergency watch can come in handy…you never want to get broken, lost or injured on a trail when there is often no people around you for days (sometimes).

In this case, we did run into some people having a family picnic. They invited us to sit down and enjoy some tea with them (traditional culture in Israel).

Here is the best part, can you see where the hiking trails in the mountains will lead you?

Yep, the Dead Sea. Amazing views with you are looking down from 2,000 high hiking trails. The visibility was a little limited due to the winds and sand that was blowing that day.

OK – one final surprise. This was a gem when trekking out of the high canyons. Look closely at the picture and the rock formation. What image/creature do you see in the rock formation?

I never heard of this one before, so maybe I should name it for the world? 😉

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