Moscow Russia – Day 2

There is so much to see in Moscow, you have to spend more than one day.  Of course, I had to go visit the KGB building (Lubyanka) which is now known as Federal Security Service.

You can easily get here from the train/subway and actually ran into no hassles or security concerns!

One of the actual cool things to visit in Moscow is Gorky Park.

The Soviet attempt at copying the US based Space Shuttle is here – it is known as Buran.

Mentioning the subway, they are quite artistic and fun to use around Moscow.  If you see one of the bronze dogs, you definitely have to rub its foot or nose for good luck.

As a history buff, the Novodevichy Cemetery was a real highlight.  If you think of a famous Russian political figure, general or astronaut, there are most likely buried here.  Tons of history and worth a few hours to visit.

As it started to get dark, it was time to take in a few more sites that are best viewed when the sun goes down.  Does anyone know what this famous building is?  It is the famous Moscow University.  It is quite stunning.  And I am sure many students are proud to have studied here.

And not too far away was this famous lake.  Do you know what this place is famous for?  It is the inspiration for the Swan Lake ballet!  Kind of cool to visit the actual places where famous artwork, literature or music was created.

As it got later, we decided we could not resist and visit a classic Russian circus.  It was quite fun, very traditional and it was amazing to see how many expensive limos were outside the circus to pick up people.  Scary when you see multiple Maybechs outside of a $20 a set circus.

And since it was our last day in Moscow, we had to visit Red Square again at night. It is quite amazing and fun to visit.  The night atmosphere is very different and I think the pictures are quite magical as well.

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