Emirates Airline Review

I had an opportunity recently to fly Emirates Airlines recently in business class and I thought it would a perfect time to conduct a review for all my fellow travelers.

The first surprise, and I am not sure many people know this, but Emirates offers (free) complimentary
chauffeur” service for business class customers. You just register and they assign a service to pick you up for your flight 3 hours in advance of your flight.

Nice pickup in a new Lincoln Navigator through the global Blacklane service which I like historically.

The Seattle Lounge

Does the Emirates have a lounge in Seattle? Well, not a dedicated one. They use the “The Club”.

It basically a stripped down and limited service lounge that used to be former Delta S-Gate lounge, Nothing to get excited about, but at the same time, it is spacious, not crowded and not noisy.

Oh yes, Qatar and Emirates also have a first class lounge as well with premium seating! What a major upgrade!


Like most large airplanes, it is a little chaotic and massive crowds, but they had good lines for the various boarding classes that made it easy to get onboard quickly.


The seats were very modern and spaced far apart for some privacy

The electronic video and audio were impressive. They even had tablet devices on the side of the seat to control the entertainment without having to stretch forward to touch the screen.

The amenities kit was HUGE. I am not sure the next connection security will let me take all this through.

The Flight

You have to love the modern 777. Very quiet, stable, fast and so reliable you can fly over the North Pole. I have to admit I was a little nervous as we flew over both Russia and Iran…I never thought in my career, I would fly over Iran.

(sorry the picture of the screen showing the airplane camera was not that clear)


Of course, they served a glass of champagne when you board, and it was a delicious Veuve Cliquot, but was actually even more pleasant was the amenities all in place as part of your seat.

The menu was delicious. How to choose?

The food was delicious, but I must admit the service is a little slower than most US based carriers based on my historical experience. After almost 2 hours, and not loading up in the lounge with snacks, I must admit, I was a little hungry.

The entrée was a hard choice, but I chose…

The lamb. It was small, but it was so tender, it was one of the best I have had in years in any country or restaurant.

Dubai Lounge

The Emirates lounge in Dubai is massive. It is like an entire wing of the airport. In fact, I think it is the entire second floor of the B gates in Terminal 3.

Check out all the food choices and areas you can park based on your needs.

They have special, isolated “sleep” areas for people who have long layovers and need to take a nap. I should maybe try one of these since I have a 6 hour layover at night…

But I liked the private lounge suites better. Spacious, quiet and away from other people.

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