Herodium – Israel

I wanted to share one cool site I recently visited was a national park in Israel known as Herodium.

I do not think many people know about this site and history. It looks like it is just a hill along the highway in the West Bank (Israel).

It was a fortress built by King Herod to highlight some of his victories.

It has a classic western facing outdoor amphitheater. This was only found in 2010 and was previously hidden for hundreds of years.

and my understanding that site has undergone some massive recent restoration which makes it a hidden gem that many have not visited yet in Israel. The tomb of Herod was only found in 2007!

The best part is actually listening to the audio/visual presentation inside of the rooms and learning the entire history. The Romans had destroyed the fortress around 71 CE.

There is so much history here, I highly recommend checking it out. It almost feels like you are in Rome when you get into the central top of the fortress.

It can get very windy though in some times of the year, so be ready to lose a hat when you hike up to the top.

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I am now on my way back to Israel for a business trip. I am not sure if I will have new or cool sites to share, but stay tuned just in case. If you are travelling to Israel for any of the upcoming conferences and events like myself and you need a visa, check out iVisa which is my choice when planning and booking my travel!

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