The Tourists of Seville

We drove (rode) back to Spain today to spend a few days in Seville. It was a nice ride viewing the Portuguese countryside, cork trees and giant stork nests on the top of trees and power poles.


In case anyone did not know, the culture and architecture in Seville different than the northern Madrid region.


We started a small tour around the city which is famous for bull fights…


Flamenco music…(yes we went to a great show.  Hint: don’t sit in the front row…it is loud and powerful!)


and the (controversial) tomb of Christopher Columbus.  It is controversial, because apparently the Dominican Republic states he is buried there.  Overall, the city is proud of his accomplishments, but I found it surprising that he is heralded in Catholic Church even though he was Jewish.


Overall, Seville is a nice city to walk around!

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3 Responses to The Tourists of Seville

  1. Pauline says:

    “but I found it surprising that he is heralded in Catholic Church even though he was Jewish.”
    Maybe Catholics are happy to embrace people of other religions, just because their deeds encompass the whole world?

  2. JohnnyFox says:

    Any ‘suggestions’ that Columbus was secretly or formerly Jewish were made public only in 2012, long after those churches and monuments were built. Duh.

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