Review: Singapore Airlines

I am a long time Delta Diamond (and previously Northwest) airlines customer, but this time I had an opportunity to try out the new flight out of Seattle on Singapore Airlines.

There is a new Airbus 350 flight direct from Seattle to Singapore as an alternative to reaching India which is on the other side of the world. Does it look like it actually carries 17 hours of fuel? Efficiency at 41,000 feet I guess!

I thought I should conduct a review of the experience to share with fellow travelers. Here we go!

OK – the club lounge scene and experience is disappointing. It is better than nothing…but the Club at SEA is so outdated and does not even have an expresso machine.

It has not changed one iota since it used to be the Delta lounge in the S gates 15 years ago. I don’t think they have even replaced a toilet seat since then. But…it is a lounge and much quieter than the motley crew in the long lines outside the lounge waiting 20 minutes to buy a coffee.

Boarding was very efficient and fast. I thought the new United Polaris seats were the best to date, but these are quite plush! And they give you a nice warm wash cloth even before the door is closed.

The one downside of these seats is you need to recline to actually stretch your feet out. When your seat is upright, your feet actually are blocked at the bottom and you have more foot space in economy!

I tried angling my feet for a little while in the cubby hole they provide to store stuff…You kind of need to sleep at an angle. I am not sure if this is the best model or not. I do admit that these seats have way more lighting and it is easier to work or read than any other airline seat.

One this flight, I was surrounded by kids in front, behind and to the sides. They are already screaming. I hope I have good headphones! Truth is… Yes, you do have high quality headphones. They are actually noise canceling and work very very well in combating the loud continuous noises. Nice treat.

The entertainment system is quite impressive. But it takes a little getting used to with the handset in the seat. The selection is decent, but I would not say that it has a larger selection than any other airline. The nicest attribute is the size of the screen which is huge.

Free Wireless if you are in business class or economy. It can be used on multiple devices, but it does not work very well if you try to upload any photos. But…you only get 100MB free. If you want more bandwidth, you need to buy it. $12.99 per 200MB. If you plan on working for a 15 hour flight, you are going to need to purchase Internet multiple times. It works decently with the mobile device, but very very slow and unreliable when using a full laptop with Outlook or browser based apps.

The food menu is actually a book! I was excited, but realized it is a permanent guide of the menu options in both directions. There is not as much content as you may think and it its size is an illusion. It really is not any different than any other airline.

The food service was good, but based not dramatically different or head and shoulders over the other domestic US airlines. The first full meal comes out approximately 1 hour after takeoff and the second full meal comes out about the 9 hour mark.

Quantity, quality and choices were all very similar. They are very slow in offering drinks or wine and when they pour wine, it is is a very small portion. The positive is if you press the call agent button, they show up in 2 seconds and serve you whatever you wanted in less than 60 seconds. Very good service if you ask for it.

I do have to admit the holiday decorations throughout the plane makes it a fun atmosphere. Never seen that one before.

Summary: Tie game here in my opinion with Delta and United when flying overseas.

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