Fourth Jab – Go or No Go?

Some people (may) be wondering what I am referring to. I am referring to the question that many may be asking themselves rights now – do you get a second booster or a 4th vaccine shot…or not?

Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

Why Another Booster

First, I would like to share why I chose to get a second booster when the current infection wave has subsided in the Seattle area and United States. But the reality is there will be no herd immunity in the United States.

Photo by Printexsta

Very simply, for the same reasons I cited in my previous booster posting. I am an international travel for business and personal and one of the last things I want to encounter is a restriction that may be imposed or required that requires a recent booster shot. I do not like being surprised, I like being prepared and proactive.

and breaking news, it is looking like cruise ships are requiring booster shots.

Photo by cottonbro

In addition, I do not want to risk of having a weaker immune system if and when the next variant wave occurs. They will continue for the foreseeable future and it is part of our global lives that we must accept. The studies show that the 4th shot protects against severe omicron symptoms. We are all going to get infected multiple times, the reduction of symptoms and risks wins.

4th Booster Side Effects

Now, let talk about the side effects as I know this is what most people fear and hinders them from getting the boosters. Here is what I felt after my 4th shot – they were very similar, but reduced from my second Moderna shot which I shared online.

  • I only felt a slightly sore arm after about 4 hours.
  • After about 8 hours, I started to feel slightly fatigued. But was also a Friday night and the end of a long work week.
  • Overnight, my arm got VERY sore, and it was a little uncomfortable sleeping
  • This morning, I felt slightly achy, but not bad at all.
  • The arm was very tender to the touch and slightly restricted in movement. I did take two 200mg ibuprofen for the sore arm and that helped and did not have a need for anything later.
  • By Sunday morning, most of the arm sensitivity and pain had disappeared. All back to normal.


Solution? I did the same thing that I did after every other shot. Take a nice and easy run and most of the achiness and soreness disappears after 4-5 miles 🙂

Literally, 24 hours later, feeling back to normal outside of a sore arm with the confidence of continued protection!

Reminder: in Washington state, check out WAVerify as it will create a QR code for your vaccination record. Explanation if you want to learn more.

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Experiencing a Terror Attack in Tel Aviv

Let me start and state up front that I was not injured and was safe. However, 30+ years of travel around the world, visiting 63+ countries and living/working in Israel for a few years in the past, I was never that close to a terrorist attack or in direct risk before.

My personal experience from this terrorist attack that occurred on Thursday, April 7, 2022.

I was just finishing a late night dinner with some friends in at great restaurant in Tel Aviv…and then we all realized something is going on. Something is not right. There is a terrorist attack underway nearby us. People have been killed and at least one of the attackers escaped and is now still at large around us.

We needed to move, we need to escape the area. I needed to get back to my hotel which would be an obvious choice for maximum safety in these cases. My friends had to determine if they could even leave and drive home. A border circle has now been formed in minutes to create blockades of every street in the area to trap the terrorist.

All cars are being searched, everyone is quickly locking down in restaurants, stores and apartments. What was thriving only minutes ago on the kickoff of the weekend night, the streets were emptying in minutes. It all stopped.

What was SO impressive is how quickly, how organized, how structured the whole community formed and assembled in minutes. Active, current as well as reserve and auxiliary units met and took their places. Police, guards, first responders, medics, coordinators. How am I going to get out of this risk area? I paired up with a soldier and we walked out of the current high risk terrorist proximity area to where the beach hotels were located.

I am thankful for my military/veteran experience in how to react, assess and act accordingly in these situations, I was able to point and guide other tourists that were confused, scared and needed some direction when everything was chaotic in front of them. It seemed like in less than 15 minutes, the streets were empty and most people had reached a safe lockdown position. In 20 years, I have never seen the beach of Tel Aviv 100% empty on a Thursday night.

I am observing from my hotel room and then after about 10 minutes, I hear a huge BOOM and about 150 meters away a major fire erupts and escalating quickly. What is going on here? Is this a battle to start? Was that a grenade? I was tempted to go down and observe as a natural reaction, but that would have been exactly the wrong thing to do.

On the other side of the hotel, looking back at the beach. I saw some people on the beach. What are they doing? They were police that had deployed on horses to examine and search every possible hiding spot, water pool, or location where the terrorist could be hiding.

It took all night for them to find the terrorist. It was so ODD to see the beach still EMPTY on a Friday morning when there is usually hundreds of people out then the sun came out. They did not return to normal until the police and found and killed the terrorist in Jaffa later that morning. Yep, the Jaffa area that I ran to a few days ago in this blog posting.

Why didn’t I take more pictures during all the chaos? or videos? I guess I became focused on the mission at hand and that was more important. I am very thankful for my company being extremely proactive in reaching out as everything unfolded to ensure my safety and determine if any assistance was needed.

Summary: a very unique travel experience, but very thankful for how well it was handled and I have not changed any of my perceptions or probability of risks from the event. I will continue to travel for business and vacation and this is just one experience of many that we will encounter in life.

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COVID Travel Testing Restrictions

I have to admit, the departure, arrival and quarantine restrictions are complex and confusing. Let me share my experience and process I followed to leave the United States to go to Israel and then return. Step, by step, I will try to tell the story and let you conclude on what to do and when.

Overall, if you are not a citizen, you need to have a PCR test before your flight to Israel that is conducted and tested negative 72 hours in advance. I shared my results in my previous posting, but to recap, I paid $200 to get tested with results as quickly as possible so I did not have to stress about whether I would get the results in time or test positive only a few minutes before I check into the airport. I used Discovery Health in my area and it was great. But it is pricey…

Israel requires this to performed before your flight, but the desk check-in agents do not check for it in detail when you check in for your boarding pass, and when you land in Israel, nobody checks for it…so, what is the purpose? I guess to keep the honest person honest.

If going to Israel, you also need to fill out the entry statement forms, upload your vaccine information and hopefully get a Green pass before you arrive.

Now, when you DO arrive, you go through immigration, get your bags, go to customs, etc. and then you go to the COVID testing hall. Everyone gets tested. I recommend paying in advance so you can avoid that line. And then it takes about 10 minutes to get tested and tie the results to your passport. They then give you a light blue wristband to show that you are waiting for results and you should isolate.

When you walk out of the airport, the taxi drivers will say “Shhhh…” and then rip off the arm band and throw it away. They say nobody will check, so do not worry about it.

OK – when you want to return to the United States, you also need to have a negative test result. When you are overseas who/where/how do you schedule these?

A friend recommended Azova where you can have proctored tests performed over a Zoom session, and then you can get virtual results in a PDF sent to you. Key points:

  1. You need to schedule the tests in advance at your overseas destination and time zone
  2. You need to purchase the test kits you will use in advance…and you need to get them before you leave the United States (so you can take them with you)
  3. I recommend possibly scheduling more than one…because what happens if something goes wrong? What if the test kit fails? What if you might get a false positive?
  4. Pack the kits in your carry on luggage so the liquid or anything in the kits does not get damaged in the freezing cold luggage space.

If successful, as indicated by the US State Department and CDC, you just need to provide the results to the airline when checking in within 24 hours of your first flight. Once they validate, you are good to go!

When I checked in to the KLM test, they double checked and made sure I had a valid negative test. Good to go there.

Unexpectedly when I tried to board the next flight in Amsterdam, the system automatically beeped red and would not let me through. I had to show them at the current gate desk my valid test within the past 24 hours to board. They were also very diligent here.

The biggest challenge in leaving Israel is not the paperwork for the COVID tests, it is the security lines! Zones A and B can take hours, yes hours to get through!

Zone C for the Delta /Air France / KLM was great. Through security in 20 minutes!

The airline desk check-in took about 30 minutes which was not too bad. It was amazing to see how many people tried to check in without their COVID test.

And then you have to go through secondary screening and baggage scan and that took another 30 minutes. No problem. Patience is a virtue.

Some people say you need at least 4 hours before flight to get through all the process. Since it was on weekend, on Shabbat, in business class, and at 4 AM in the morning, I got by with only 3 hours with time to spare in the lounge 😊.

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Running in Tel Aviv

Now that pandemic crisis is reduced and the beach facing infrastructure improvements, Tel Aviv is a great place for running in the early morning or later at night.

Garmin is your friend when travelling

Compared to 5 years ago, the running and biking paths, both North and South along the ocean have improved significantly.

You can get great views along all the hotels

Or check out the more historic marina and buildings in Jaffo.

There are multiple public outdoor workout stations along the way

And stores that you may want to check out later when they open.

I think the weather and crowds are the best in the mornings when the sun is rising, but it is never as scenic compared to when the sun is setting into the ocean at night

Summary: when travelling for business on a different time zone, the work is much more intense with long days of meetings and evenings full of keeping up with the standard time zone workload and emails that come in. Running is the one way you can de-stress, balance your mindset and stay healthy!

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International Flight Reviews – Delta, KLM and Air France

Today was the first day and first time of travelling internationally and flying again since most of the world has been restricted and limited from crossing borders for 2+ years.


Let’s start with Delta.

Many people have been travelling domestically again for quite some time, and have gotten used to the reduced level of services and amenities, but would it be like to fly internationally again?

I can that is not 100% back to where it was pre-pandemic, but it is nice to see that beverage and meal services have returned. Delta had a choice of wines and mixed drinks to choose from, but the selections were not necessarily 5-star. In addition, they are strict about the masks. They reminded people that you need to return your mask to its normal position after each sip of wine/beer. Maybe that is how they were trying to reduce their alcohol costs on flights as people would get exhausted of taking masks on and off continuously…

On the food side, they started to return to multi-course meals with warm soup. This was nice. Delta also allowed you to pick you main entrée in advance of the flight which was nice.

Air France

I do have to admit that the Air France multi-course breakfast was phenomenal and outclasses any American based airline. They even have excellent Devol-Leroy champagne and excellent Bordeaux choices even when it is is 10AM in the morning! I passed, but many of the French passengers did not turn down this offer!

I found the new Airbus seats to be very comfortable and with modern controls and entertainment. What was the downside? The cloth seats are getting very stained and they are not that old.

I was a little nervous about a 1 hour connection in Paris (CDG airport) between flights. Yes, you need to go through immigration, security and change terminals using the train. Once you are off the plane, you have only 45 minutes. I found that if you are in Sky Priority, no problem. Easily done and you have 15 minutes to spare to check out your favorite shops. It is like walking down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées !

On the return flight at the end of the week, I will share the experience of KLM as well to compare another airline on its experience for people to have a broader view of US – Europe flights.


I should have taken a picture of the meal, but I found the service, food and experience to be identical to what we all felt pre-pandemic. Very efficient and European service and you felt welcomed as a passenger and a customer,

The KLM lounge in Amsterdam has been updated enormously. It is much larger, modern and has many new amenities and services that did not exist pre-pandemic.

Check out the new Blue Bar
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Travelling Internationally During COVID

It has been more than 2 years, but when the opportunity to travel internationally for the first time since the lockdowns started, it was interesting and…challenging to determine all the requirements and steps to ensure you can check all the boxes properly and in the right places in the tight time slots before travelling.

OK – let’s talk about some of the challenges when travelling from country to country. In my case, I am travelling on business from the United States to Israel. Both have different, but similar requirements on vaccination (or recovery) and negative testing before travelling.

Very simply, you need to make sure you are not infected before travelling as that would not only be disallowed…it would cause you to potentially get quarantined for a long time in a hotel that you did not plan or want to encounter as part of your trip! So if you need to ensure you are not infected…there are a lot of things you need to think about.


  1. Staying distanced and isolated the week before the travel (flight) date
  2. Wearing an N95 mask at all times around others to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus or infected person
  3. Testing several times using home tests before performing the mandatory (and expensive) professional office PCR test that the airline (and country) will require for entry
  4. Coordinating your timing for the testing and your flight schedule if the flight is on a weekend
  5. Understanding what forms and online checklists you need to submit for your destination
  6. Making sure you have digital and paper copies of all tests, vaccine cards, etc. to have ready for each authority that will check


Building on the above, most of the airlines do not appear to allow you to check-in for your flight online, submit the required documentation online, etc. so you need to be prepared for EXTRA time at the airport to have them review ALL your required docs and enter them into their system.

I arrived early to check in (assuming that the lines would be crazy long), but I was surprised that being Delta Diamond Skymiles status made it very easy and it only took a few minutes for them to confirm all my paperwork. I felt lucky and relieved, but also realized that pretty much anyone could fake the documents and they will issue you a boarding pass. It is possible they already had all the records in the system from the providers, but as we all know from Seinfeld, never ASSUME…

I made sure I had electronic and paper copies of my vaccines, tests, entry forms, approvals, passes…you never know what you will need so I spent extra time up front to ensure I was ready. Some people may need visas based on destination. If needed, check out iVisa which is my recommendation.


The airport is definitely full, but with the combination of CLEAR pass and TSA pre-check, it takes less than 10 minutes to get through security.

Some people may ask, why both? The reality is many people in the US are now TSA pre-check enrolled and that long can get pretty long in itself. With CLEAR, you get to jump to the beginning of even the pre-check line 🙂

The lounge was busy, but not uncomfortably full. Everyone has a mask, but maybe 50% take them off for most of the time in the lounge. The Delta Skylounge food was not fancy today, but since I left the home early, it hit the spot to not starve before the late afternoon meal on the flight.

Now when they put out the lounge food at 10:15, check out the lines. Yikes! They were longer than the airport check-in lines.

The alternative shortcut was the cookie trays…but they were snatched up < 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, the Delta staff is awesome, but they crowd demands were enormous. I guess this why all the lounges are getting more restrictive in who they let in as guests, or not.

I am trying to be extra careful of putting my mask on after each sip of coffee or orange juice. Do not want to risk anything and land in Tel Aviv with an infection…

Extra Packing

  1. Packing lots of masks as they get dirty, wet and worn out.
  2. Packing home tests or tests you may need to perform to return to the United States
  3. Packing extra clothes, books, and computer accessories…because what will you do if you get unexpected quarantine?

You are going to be on a long flight. What type of masks or mask(s) will be the most comfortable for long periods of time as well as pulling up/down for meals(s) or drink(s).

Next post will about the flight and arrivals. Stay tuned!

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Travel Tips for an Unforgettable Self-Care Vacation

Photo via Pexels

Need an excuse to book a trip to a tropical paradise? Here’s one—traveling is great for your mental health! Don’t let your vacation days go to waste. Embarking on a trip out of town can help relieve stress, boost your productivity, and lend a sense of fulfillment to your life. Travel can also help improve your sleep, reduce your risk of depression, and save you from job burnout!

If you’re ready to leave your stress behind and shake up your surroundings, start planning your trip today! Here are some tips to help you pick a destination, prepare for your trip, and maximize the mental health benefits of your excursion.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

If you’re traveling for your mental health, choose a destination that will leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated when you return home. The last thing you want is to travel somewhere stressful! Think about what you want to do on your vacation and choose a destination that offers these activities.

For sports fans, you can’t beat a trip to New York City! Take in a game at the Yankee stadium and watch your favorite MLB team play an exciting home game. Do you want to know how to score tickets to the Yankees? You can find discounted tickets by searching around on no-fee ticket sites! Some ticket sites even offer interactive seating charts, so you can get an idea of the 360-degree view from any seat before committing to your purchase. Some other great things to do in NYC include a visit to Central Park and a tour of the American Museum of Natural History.

If you’re looking for something more laid back than the Big Apple, consider shifting your sights to the other coast and spending some time in Napa Valley, California. The area is well-known for its world-famous wines. Visitors to Napa Valley can stroll through sunny vineyards, embark on wine-tasting tours, take cooking classes, and soak in hot springs. If you’re craving a rest, a visit to Napa Valley will hit the spot!

Plan a Stress-Free Trip

If you’re not careful, your mental health trip can be more stressful than relaxing. Planning ahead will help you avoid potential stressors so you can get home feeling truly refreshed. One of the best ways to ensure a stress-free vacation is to travel during the off-peak season. Besides fewer crowds and shorter lines, Just a Pack explains that traveling in the off season means cheaper accommodations, flights, food, and attractions.

Another way to avoid stress is to skip the flight altogether. If you have some extra time, consider taking a road trip instead of flying. Driving means no rush, no transfers, and no delays. And when you drive, the journey becomes part of the adventure. Driving could also be a great way to save money and bring more baggage alone on your adventure. That said, traveling light is typically less stressful than hauling a lot of stuff with you!

You may also want to book a couple of days off after you arrive home so you have time to unpack, do some laundry, and get your sleep schedule back on track before returning to work. These extra days can help you soak up the mental health benefits of your trip. The last thing you want is to feel rushed as soon as you get home!

If you’ve been feeling stressed, bored, or otherwise unfulfilled recently, consider taking a trip for your mental health. Use those vacation days—you earned them! Book plane tickets to a relaxing decision, plan a stress-free adventure, and enjoy a little break from your busy life.

Get Visas Early

If you are travelling internationally, you may need to ensure you passport is current and a visa for your destination. Check out iVisa which is highly reocmmended for fast and easy assistance in this area.

This article was written by a guest author Justin Bennett and his Healthy Fit routine. Enjoy!

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Return to Vegas!

It has been almost exactly two years since we flew down to Vegas right before the pandemic lockdown and got married. It was quite a story and challenge to say the least, but we wanted to celebrate our anniversary and see what it might be like to return to travel and see how Las Vegas and other travel elements might have changed…or not!

First observation: everything is crowded, the airports are full and the airline lounges are packed! If you want to get into an AMEX Centurion lounge, there is a very long line and in some cases, you might be lucky if you can find a seat in the Delta lounge. The food is really good and plentiful in the Delta lounge though!

What was the first major observation in Las Vegas? It is a very different culture compared to Seattle with mask wearing. You can tell who is not a native to the area compared to those that are from different states in who wears a mask and who does not. I will leave it at that…

We were very pleasantly surprised with a very friendly welcome at the Four Season…

and a (free) room upgrade. A full penthouse suite! You have to love all the benefits and recognition when using the Platinum American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts program!

We also tried out some new restaurants which is always one of the highlights in Las Vegas.

One we tried out was Mott32 and it was one the best Asian restaurants I have tried out in years. Amazing delicacies and service. Hint: if you are visiting on a weekend, make reservations a few weeks in advance as the hot is hot again!

We also tried out the Bugsy and Meyers steakhouse in the Flamingo which was pricey, but quite good! They have some very different styles and flavors that are reflective of its mobster historical theme.

The steakhouse was a very convenient location for a show that we wanted to check out that evening.

What was the major highlight this weekend? Meeting this guy. Recognize him?

Yep, it was Wayne Newton.

He told some great stories of his childhood and how his career progressed from start to finish. Here is one example where he played a steel guitar like he played when he was a kid.

At the end, of course he sang Danke Schoen and told the story behind it, but it was impressive to see how many instruments he still plays with a passion after this many years.

It was a very fun and entertaining show and I chatted with him for a few minutes on his continued support and celebrity sponsorship with the USO of which I am also a huge supporter after my military experience and appreciation for the USO when I served 25+ years ago.


Did I go running, of course I did! I always go running when I travel. For those of us that live at sea level, be prepared that it is much dryer and higher elevation, so your experience will be slightly different…

Check out some of my most memorable locations!

Future Travels

What is next? We are planning an international vacation this summer and that will be exciting. Stay tuned!

I know some people are starting to plan their trips and vacations again. If you are thinking of going international and you may need a visa, I recommend checking out iVisa which is my choice when planning and booking my business and personal travel with my family!

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4 Cities to Consider Visiting for Your Next Self-Care Trip

Image from Pexels

Though “self-care” has become a social media buzzword, caring for your physical, mental, and emotional health is not a trend: It’s a human right. If you’ve never traveled to seek opportunities for self-care and enrichment, consider the following four large cities in the United States that you can visit for a weekend, an entire summer vacation, or forever.

1. Seattle

One of Seattle’s main attractions, for people who love rain, is the weather. According to Vacation Idea, Seattle has about 150 rainy days per year with moderately dry summers. You’ll be able to soothe your soul by sitting in one of Seattle’s destination coffee shops with a good book while you listen to the rain pattering down the windows or spend time hiking with a loved one on Cougar Mountain or another of Seattle’s trails.

If you’re considering moving to this area of the country, check out a few online listings for Seattle apartments and visit them in person while you’re in the city. Start your search by including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and desired amenities and refine it with 3D tours that will allow you to see if the space is right for you.

2. New Orleans

If you love jazz and Cajun food, you won’t be disappointed with your self-care trip to New Orleans. As one of the most colorful and personality-packed cities in the U.S., you can find Food-Network-approved restaurants, music, and live theater to stimulate your senses after a mental or emotional dry spell. Though living in New Orleans isn’t for everybody, many residents love the weather, the lower cost of living when compared to other metropolitan areas, and, of course, the food.

3. San Diego

If you love the idea of visiting a coastal city but the thought of spending time in rainy Seattle doesn’t excite you, consider San Diego. It’s just two hours south of Los Angeles, and it features stunning ocean views, all the sushi bars you could ever want, and a world-class zoo and aquarium. Active-duty Navy members and veterans may wish to live in a seaside city such as San Diego with a Naval base, great weather, and high-quality educational opportunities.

4. New York City

Self-care may look like relaxation to one person and stimulation to the next. If you fall into the latter category, you might feel like you’re wasting away in a small town in the middle of the country. Pack your bags and visit the Big Apple to frequent the theater and restaurants or simply to ride the subway around town as a mental refresh if you’re coming from a small town.

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that helps you reflect 0on the history of the country, visit the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art. You can purchase a tourist pass if you’re thinking about participating in these types of activities and events to save money. People thinking about moving to NYC may wish to visit several types of neighborhoods to assess them for safety, walkability, and convenience.

These cities are large and diverse enough to provide wonderful and relaxing experiences for people of all types. Consider visiting one of these cities for your next vacation, and you might discover a renewed love for travel and a passion for taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.

Thanks to Justin Bennett for this nice guest piece when everyone is starting to plan some travel and vacations again when the vaccine and mask mandates are being removed. If interested, check out his web site:

Travelling and need a visa? Check out iVisa which is my choice when planning and booking my business and personal travel with my family!

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Great Tips for Cash-Strapped Travelers with Big Dreams

This week, Jesse Clark returns based on popular demand as a guest author. Based on some analysis and discussion on my previous posting on when to plan travel due to COVID, it is starting to look like the Omicron wave is starting to subside and catalyze travel planning for many!

Tips for Budget Travelers

After the last year, many travelers are itching to finally take a vacation. Of course, COVID hasn’t been kind to many of our wallets, so you may also be worried you can’t find an affordable way to make it happen. Rest assured, there are plenty of options at your disposal. With a little spending savvy, you can enjoy a weekend or week away with the entire family. Keep reading for tips from David Cross Travel on how to save money — and headaches — when you go.  

It’s Time To Prepare

Spending a little more time planning can save you a lot of money once you get on the road. Here are some tips for the weeks and months leading up to your vacation.

  • When you’re on a tight budget, saving for your trip is the key. Start by opening a dedicated savings account and setting a goal.
  • If you’ve recently refinanced your home, you can use some of the cash payment you received for your vacation.
  • Your accommodations are your biggest expense. Choose wisely. If you’re okay with basic accommodations, a budget hotel room can save you hundreds of dollars per night.
  • Consider RV travel instead. For as low as $300 a month, you could own an RV that opens up a world of travel destinations around the country for your family to enjoy. 
  • Think ahead, and know where the kids can eat for free on your vacation.
  • The unexpected can happen, and travel insurance is an expense worth incurring. This is especially true in the times of COVID.

Getting There

How you travel sets the tone for the entire trip. Before you hop on a discount bus for 12 hours to save a few dollars, consider these options.

  • Road trip! Save up to 20 cents per gallon on gas with a club membership at Costco. 
  • Is driving not an option? Fly the friendly skies on a budget. If you are flexible about your destination and timeline, you can save even more.
  • Kids ride half off on Amtrak. The novelty of a train ride is something everyone should experience in their life. Plus, no one has to drive!
  • Cruising can take you places and is often cheaper than flying. Just remember — you have to purchase everything on board the ship for the most part, and high prices for food and beverages could significantly increase your overall costs.

What To Bring For The Trip

Whether you’re headed to a theme park or heading to the beach with your better half, you can look out for your budget by purchasing certain necessities in advance. Here are a few examples.

  • Heading to the beach? Pick up a pop-up tent to avoid lounger rental fees. If you can buy one in the off season, you will pay even less.
  • No matter where you are going, leave the jewels and valuables behind (unless you want to buy them again). If you want to get dressed to the nines, consider costume jewelry that you won’t mind losing.
  • Pack light, and avoid checked baggage fees. Of course, if you’re trying to pack in a carry on, comfortable, versatile travel clothes are a must.
  • Travel-sized toiletries are cheap and won’t take up space in your bag. Just be sure to purchase them in advance online or at a local big box store, instead of at a gas station or airport kiosk. 

Will you spend money to travel? Yes, of course. Does it have to be a huge dent in your bank account? Absolutely not. Use these resources to help you book the family vacation you all need to get away.

Feel free to check out David Cross Travel for posts and subscribe!

 By Jesse Clark from

Travelling internationally and need a visa? Check out iVisa which is a great choice!

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