Singapore Running Club

We found the western side Singapore running club this morning since it was time for a weekend run…

The trick is to be part of a club, or you cannot carry enough water for the heat and humidity!

This morning, the location of choice is the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

Many kilometers of nice paved trails, awesome scenery and even some hills to get a hills workout. 🙂

It is also a location of choice for the Singapore ninja training club. They were practicing sword fighting this morning.

And, it became clear that the park is not just for nature and sports, it is also for art.  The movie club has a recent classic on the screen tonight for the local audience to enjoy.

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Sentosa Island by Day, Singapore High Rise at Night

We had a fun day in Singapore and the nearby Senotsa resort island.


We decided to check out the local version of Universal Studios to relax a little.  I have to admit, it was a fun day and some great rides – but the prices were a little high. If you want to get a universal express pass, the ticket is almost DOUBLE. Yikes!


Even though the park is small, it has some great themes and it is easy to get around in only 15-20 minutes walk.

Everyone likes the music and opportunity to dance here…


All the roller coasters were AWESOME.  We ran out of time and did not get to check out the Transformers one…


The best one was the Battlestar Galactica one.  You have to choose Human or Cylon.  We chose human obviously.

We took a video of the short/fast ride if interested.


At night, the best place to go is dinner on top of the Marina Bay Sands.


We had a delicious local dinner at the Ce Le Vie.

People pay $25 just to go up and take pictures.  It is definitely worth the visit at night.

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Back to the Mainland! 

After 2 weeks of cruising around Siam Bay and the South China Sea, we have docked in Singapore and are going to be spending a few days around town to check out a few more sites before heading back to the US. 

Last night we celebrated the adventures with a little champagne and also enjoyed the great bottle of Portteus cab reserve we found in the wine shop in Georgetown on Penang, Malaysia 😀

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Diving Near Phuket Island Thailand 

Lots of people like to visit all the sites in the James Bond and Leonardo DiCaprio movies…

But we snuck off and headed to Chalong Pier to join a dive team headed to Racha Yair.

This is a popular spot for sure. Hundreds of divers from around the world. We chose Steve from Phuket Dash Scuba Dot Com. One of the best dive boats we have ever been on!

We did a 2 tank dive and will be updating this post with videos when we get back home. Wreck dive, sting rays, bat fish,  Moray eels, lion fish, dancing shrimp…

And then and awesome local lunch between the dives 😀

Here are some videos:


In conclusion:

And of course, on the relaxing ride back to Phuket Island… A cold local brew to speed the recovery!

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Running in Georgetown (Penang Malaysia)

We stopped at the island of Penang today.

Of course, we went running along the seaside course recommended by the Penang Forward Sports Club.

It was interesting that we kept getting buzzed by Mig-29s from the Malaysian Air Force. First it was the Thai Navy and not it is Malaysia…they were a little hard to see from my Nexus 6P camera, but the app calculated their speed at Mach .92 which was cool below 2,000 feet…

It was a combination of beach running, trail running and city running…but unfortunately most of the expensive Seaside real estate is being excavated for some reason with miles of construction equipment and digging. 

Lots of historical buildings along the way. 

And fortunately there are frequent little shops that are known as gurneys for this historical drive. 

You need at least a liter of water for this 12K run in this heat and humidity. I found a cool shop next to this parking lot with lots of Rolls-Royce hanging out at the Pot cafe.

A lot of people wondered, can you buy wine in Malaysia? Because we explored on our run, we found a hidden wine shop 😎

and yes, we found a bottle of Portteus!  Stay tuned! We are taking a break at a local place with some good music. 

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Good Morning Malaysia! 

We pulled into a port known as Kelang.

It is definitely warm and humid… And it is hard to tell if the haze is pollution or the extreme humidity. 

We then headed to Kuala Lumpur of course! 

The city is a Las Vegas zoo. With Bellagio style fountains and music. 

And very inexpensive shopping with a very strong dollar. Many things are 30%+ discount. 

The highlight for us was a visit to the KL tower.

You can get a great view of the city and the Petronas Twin Towers.  

And spot the hot/popular lunch spots since you have such a view from 300 meters up. 

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Running Around the Islands

You have to love a long weekend run when you can run for marathon length distances in record time!

This was in the Gulf of Siam headed from Thailand to Vietnam.

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