Attending RSA Security Conference in San Francisco

OK – what is it really like to attend a security conference in San Francisco? The RSA Security Conference to be specific.

I usually attend every year.  I was even captured in a 2020 conference photo from a high tech cyber-security journalist Catalin Cimpanu last year in his recent posting about the 2021 RSA Conference delay to May.

The real question is when will we all be able to travel again which I try to track in this living posting on that topic.

Yes, of course, you spend a lot of time in giant dark, cold massive halls.  You get to hear and see famous people and great speakers.

People like George Takei who opened the 2020 conference.

The other cool thing that happens in San Francisco is the often film movies downtown. Guess what this movie will be?  Matrix 4!

I was able to capture a shot of the high tech motorcycle before Keanu Reeves got on it to film a stunt.


Now back to the Moscone expo hall:

You walk through massive expo halls and through thousands of sales trolls to do whatever it takes to scan your badge and give you swag…

Some are questionable…

Some are quite funny!

It is crowded, the hotels are expensive, it can sometimes rain in torrents and plan to do a lot of walking.  But you get to explore and see a lot of San Francisco that you would not normally ever get to do if you were just a tourist!

And it is also an amazing place to go running in the mornings

Where you take in gorgeous sites while running along the water

and famous history like Alcatraz Island (prison) that surrounds the city!

Now, what is the best part of the conference?  You get to have fun, see entertainment and meet famous people.

Do you know who that is?  Just watch the video and give it a listen 🙂

Yep, it was Paris Hilton and it was a blast.

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