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My Top 10 Travel Videos

I thought I would share a quick fun one this week.  What are the top 10 videos from my travels the past 25+ years based on views?  The number one will surprise you! Here we go: #10 As expected, it … Continue reading

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1992 JFK CV-67 Cruise Video

Memories from the past! It was over 25 years ago when we returned on the JFK CV-67 aircraft carrier on its very last combat cruise in the first week of April!

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Attending RSA Security Conference in San Francisco

OK – what is it really like to attend a security conference in San Francisco? The RSA Security Conference to be specific. I usually attend every year.  I was even captured in a 2020 conference photo from a high tech … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Enigma Show in Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? If you want to see a more recent adventure in Nevada, check out this recent story I posted about the challenges of getting married during COVID-19. Well, when you see a concert/performance/show … Continue reading

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Day Safari in Zimbabwe

After arriving and relaxing with a river cruise and checking out Victoria Falls, we wanted to explore further. Yes, you can go on a safari in Zimbabwe.  Much smaller, much simpler, more focused on day trips and not resorts, but … Continue reading

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Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

Since we are in Zimbabwe, what did we need to go do and see??? An escape room of course! How could you avoid the opportunity to escape the zombies and get across Victoria Falls? Well…we did go hike the trails … Continue reading

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The Grenada Carnival Event and Parade

Ready for a fun posting?  Let’s talk about the Grenada Carnival. In August, it is Carnival time in Grenada. It is like a combination of Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans Mardi Gras. We took a boat ride over to … Continue reading

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Last Day in the Greenland Fjords

Today, we went deep into the F0hnfjord to explore the Rhode Island and the numerous (huge) icebergs populated the narrow fjord. We went ashore the explore the (very Red) Rhode Island.  Hence its name.  Almost hike.  Much to see despite … Continue reading

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Antarctica Research Station

It all started with a long trip down to Santiago, Chile in this posting, and then we flew down and boarded a ship in Ushuaia which was a great experience that I captured in my daily trip report.  We have … Continue reading

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