The Grenada Carnival Event and Parade

Ready for a fun posting?  Let’s talk about the Grenada Carnival.

In August, it is Carnival time in Grenada.

It is like a combination of Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans Mardi Gras.

We took a boat ride over to the official area, but the local Coast Guard thought we were suspicious, so they followed us around.

Maybe when we waved at Morgan Freeman and Oprah Winfrey who have homes here in the distance…they called the police.  Not sure.


I have to admit, this is a truly fun time and a must NOT MISS event.

You may want to wear earplugs though as the local DJs have semi trucks running generators to play their music as loud as possible.

Want a little flavor of what is REALLY like?  Check out the sample video from one of the moments we joined in the parade…

and a short clip from one of the local masters who wanted to join in the music celebration.

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