My Top 10 Travel Videos

I thought I would share a quick fun one this week.  What are the top 10 videos from my travels the past 25+ years based on views?  The number one will surprise you!

Here we go:

#10 As expected, it is related to the Lady Gaga concert we attended a few years ago.  Here was the entrance of Lady Gaga to the Park MGM hall.

#9 Continuing the theme from above, it is Lady Gaga and her popular Poker Face song.

#8 This one may surprise some people.  This was a great private introduction to a famous Opera singer when visiting the Opera House in Budapest, Hungary.

#7 I have to admit this was a fun one from a few years back when attending an attendee party at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  Some people may disagree, but Paris Hilton was a fun DJ!

#6 This one goes way back to my military service and when the Spanish Air Force visiting the JFK Kennedy with some of their Harriers and I filmed them when taking off and landing on the flight deck.

#5 Ever hear of the carnival in Grenada every year?  It is pretty popular and so is this one video I took of some of the locals in the parade.

#4 This was the number one video on my YouTube channel for a while and after you watch/listen Lady Gaga see the song Shallow, you will know why!

#3 This is an older one of a cruise video that I converted from VHS tape to digital video from a 1992 cruise video for the CV-67 carrier.  Classic government video, but popular with many veterans.

#2 Related to the military service theme and aircraft carrier flight operations, this video has been growing in popularity with many with its daytime and nighttime launches and recoveries on the JFK.

OK – what is the number one video that has gone viral all of a sudden?  It is now starting to get 3K+ views a day for some reason!

In Chengdu China, some people can have the rare opportunity to feed panda bears by hand.  It is a bit dangerous and very sensitive.  And as a result, sometimes the interaction can be a little hilarious for some.  I will not spoil it, but if you watch the short video, I think you may get a giggle yourself and see why it has become popular.

What do you think?

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