A Day of Adventure in Grenada

We wanted to explore the internal sites and culture of Grenada a little further, so we worked with a local guide and driver Vaughan Francis to spend the day with some diverse activities.

First, we went hiking the natural forest preserve.  We did not try out the obstacle course since it was pouring rain and everything was very slippery, but this area is definitely a great place for day hikes and adventure.

Our goal was to reach the famous St. Margaret’s waterfall – but the local tourist bureau refers to them as the Seven Sisters Waterfalls for some reason.  The water was not clear blue because of all the rain and flooding today.  We did not want to take the risk of diving in with this weather.

Next, needing a break, we went to visit a very old rum distillery that dates back to the 1700s and all the equipment is originally from England and is still used to this day.  The yeast is still fermenting in this old wooden vat.

It was fun so see first hand on how rum is made from raw sugarcane every single day in this facility – River Antoine Rum Distillery.  Their chocolate flavored rum was quite delicious.

One we had a few sips of rum, we got hungry and it became time to try out some local food.

and yes, it was yummy.  Hints of spice and local flavor. This was a soup called Callaloo. Definitely try it if you get a chance.

After lunch, since I love military history, I wanted to go check out Fort Frederick which overlooks St Georges (the capital).  It was small, but a cool place to do a quick stop by and overlook the whole city.

The really cool thing is we had the opportunity to overlook the Grenada prison below us which was having a one day special event to celebrate carnival where the local singer(s) and DJ(s) played this year’s carnival music to enjoy.  It is the large whitish looking building.

From there, we wanted to end the day with a little bird watching.  It was amazing to see and hear about how many different species live and migrate to Grenada.  This was green heron that has unique short legs and likes to eat crab more than fish.

On the other side of the lake, were a number of young blue herons that are quite camouflaged while they are immature.

and last, but not least check out this surprise in the tree where are the white egrets were nesting! It looks like a branch, it is like a 1 meter long iguana!

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