Exploring Famous Borders

One of the fun elements of exploration in international destinations is the interesting sites and observations that can only be seen at the borders of various countries.

I always love adventuring and exploring!

One of the most recent, on a side trip on my afternoon off on a business trip was to explore the border between Israel and Jordan. It is a bit of a delicate traversal and navigation. It is not the well marked in many locations outside of some minor and loose barbed wire and sometimes some fences. But you do need to look closely…

Do you see the black dots? No, they are not rodent or mole holes…

They are land mines!

With that said, there ARE safer places than the above. You can visit the famous site Qasr al-Yahud which is next to the Jordan River that has a lot of historical references and biblical attraction. There are several monasteries at the site on the Israeli side.

Many tourists love to visit where Jesus was supposedly baptized and many like to perform the same ritual themselves, but looking at the water this spring, it did not look like a good idea.

It was interesting to observe the differences between the Jordanian and Israeli military guards/police to protect the borders and tourists. First, the Jordanian side.

The the Israeli side. It was the late afternoon on a Friday, so…

In any case, exploring the border of various countries is quite fun and adventurous, you may never know what you may run into! Here is some interesting observations from some other borders around the world:

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