Iguassu Falls – Crossing the Border

In case you missed it, here is my first Iguassu Falls blog posting when I was in Brazil.

Today, we crossed the border near Iguassu Falls into Argentina. It is a very small customs and immigration office, and fortunately we were able to wait in an air conditioned bus while our guide handled the process to exit Brazil and enter Argentina. Brazil was about 20 minutes and Argentina was about a hour and a half to go through the bureaucracy. Today, it was a little cloudy and cooler than yesterday as it rained overnight while we were sleeping.  No complaints!

From there, we took another small excursion around the falls from the Argentinian side. The style and approach in Argentina is very different than Brazil. Visitors are required to take a train ride (20 minutes) to the high side of the falls.

It is a very relaxed atmosphere where you get to admire the lush jungle and listed to the VERY LOUD grasshoppers making their pre-mating calls. From this park, you get to stand over most of the river paths that tumble of the rocks below. It is a nice perspective to see the falls from both sides.


We finished our hike and headed to the local airport just as it stared to downpour.  If anyone is interested, the movie in the 80s titled “The Mission” with Robert DeNiro is filmed and about the Iguasso Falls historically.

The Iguasso airport on the Argentinian side was also a different experience. At first, we struggled to have the cafeteria in the airport make up some palatable sandwiches. That turned out fine. Then, we went through the metal detectors and XRAY machines while local police looked through our airports. The official went through all my visas, and then stopped at my Israeli residency visa. He motioned for me to come with him, take my carry on backpack and we were going to the back.  Uh oh…what is the problem? No hablos espanol…this is not going to be easy.  Into the elevator, down to the basement…we go into a room with a dozen police.  I guess I better be ready for a tough situation…but then they brought me to our bags. They wanted them unlocked.  I could draw this story out longer, but I will be nice.

They did not like my wife’s bottles of shampoo. These 4 bottles right next to each other frisked them out in the XRay. We filled out some paperwork, I signed something that I have no idea what it said, and away I went back to the boarding lounge to get on the airplane. That was definitely different. When travelling around the world, you always have to be patient, calm and don’t worry. 🙂

A completely different experience than what occurred when flying from Santiago to Easter Island which I highlighted in this blog posting!

On to Buenos Aires! I think a bottle of Malbec will be appropriate tonight.

Brought my Starwood Gold Guest card…upgraded to the club floor at the Sheraton Liberator in Buenos Aires 🙂

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3 Responses to Iguassu Falls – Crossing the Border

  1. Shelly & Tom says:

    Thanks again for sharing. Pictures look breath~taking. So glad you both are enjoying this wonderful adventure. Take care…

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