Great Tips for Cash-Strapped Travelers with Big Dreams

This week, Jesse Clark returns based on popular demand as a guest author. Based on some analysis and discussion on my previous posting on when to plan travel due to COVID, it is starting to look like the Omicron wave is starting to subside and catalyze travel planning for many!

Tips for Budget Travelers

After the last year, many travelers are itching to finally take a vacation. Of course, COVID hasn’t been kind to many of our wallets, so you may also be worried you can’t find an affordable way to make it happen. Rest assured, there are plenty of options at your disposal. With a little spending savvy, you can enjoy a weekend or week away with the entire family. Keep reading for tips from David Cross Travel on how to save money — and headaches — when you go.  

It’s Time To Prepare

Spending a little more time planning can save you a lot of money once you get on the road. Here are some tips for the weeks and months leading up to your vacation.

  • When you’re on a tight budget, saving for your trip is the key. Start by opening a dedicated savings account and setting a goal.
  • If you’ve recently refinanced your home, you can use some of the cash payment you received for your vacation.
  • Your accommodations are your biggest expense. Choose wisely. If you’re okay with basic accommodations, a budget hotel room can save you hundreds of dollars per night.
  • Consider RV travel instead. For as low as $300 a month, you could own an RV that opens up a world of travel destinations around the country for your family to enjoy. 
  • Think ahead, and know where the kids can eat for free on your vacation.
  • The unexpected can happen, and travel insurance is an expense worth incurring. This is especially true in the times of COVID.

Getting There

How you travel sets the tone for the entire trip. Before you hop on a discount bus for 12 hours to save a few dollars, consider these options.

  • Road trip! Save up to 20 cents per gallon on gas with a club membership at Costco. 
  • Is driving not an option? Fly the friendly skies on a budget. If you are flexible about your destination and timeline, you can save even more.
  • Kids ride half off on Amtrak. The novelty of a train ride is something everyone should experience in their life. Plus, no one has to drive!
  • Cruising can take you places and is often cheaper than flying. Just remember — you have to purchase everything on board the ship for the most part, and high prices for food and beverages could significantly increase your overall costs.

What To Bring For The Trip

Whether you’re headed to a theme park or heading to the beach with your better half, you can look out for your budget by purchasing certain necessities in advance. Here are a few examples.

  • Heading to the beach? Pick up a pop-up tent to avoid lounger rental fees. If you can buy one in the off season, you will pay even less.
  • No matter where you are going, leave the jewels and valuables behind (unless you want to buy them again). If you want to get dressed to the nines, consider costume jewelry that you won’t mind losing.
  • Pack light, and avoid checked baggage fees. Of course, if you’re trying to pack in a carry on, comfortable, versatile travel clothes are a must.
  • Travel-sized toiletries are cheap and won’t take up space in your bag. Just be sure to purchase them in advance online or at a local big box store, instead of at a gas station or airport kiosk. 

Will you spend money to travel? Yes, of course. Does it have to be a huge dent in your bank account? Absolutely not. Use these resources to help you book the family vacation you all need to get away.

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