4 Cities to Consider Visiting for Your Next Self-Care Trip

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Though “self-care” has become a social media buzzword, caring for your physical, mental, and emotional health is not a trend: It’s a human right. If you’ve never traveled to seek opportunities for self-care and enrichment, consider the following four large cities in the United States that you can visit for a weekend, an entire summer vacation, or forever.

1. Seattle

One of Seattle’s main attractions, for people who love rain, is the weather. According to Vacation Idea, Seattle has about 150 rainy days per year with moderately dry summers. You’ll be able to soothe your soul by sitting in one of Seattle’s destination coffee shops with a good book while you listen to the rain pattering down the windows or spend time hiking with a loved one on Cougar Mountain or another of Seattle’s trails.

If you’re considering moving to this area of the country, check out a few online listings for Seattle apartments and visit them in person while you’re in the city. Start your search by including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and desired amenities and refine it with 3D tours that will allow you to see if the space is right for you.

2. New Orleans

If you love jazz and Cajun food, you won’t be disappointed with your self-care trip to New Orleans. As one of the most colorful and personality-packed cities in the U.S., you can find Food-Network-approved restaurants, music, and live theater to stimulate your senses after a mental or emotional dry spell. Though living in New Orleans isn’t for everybody, many residents love the weather, the lower cost of living when compared to other metropolitan areas, and, of course, the food.

3. San Diego

If you love the idea of visiting a coastal city but the thought of spending time in rainy Seattle doesn’t excite you, consider San Diego. It’s just two hours south of Los Angeles, and it features stunning ocean views, all the sushi bars you could ever want, and a world-class zoo and aquarium. Active-duty Navy members and veterans may wish to live in a seaside city such as San Diego with a Naval base, great weather, and high-quality educational opportunities.

4. New York City

Self-care may look like relaxation to one person and stimulation to the next. If you fall into the latter category, you might feel like you’re wasting away in a small town in the middle of the country. Pack your bags and visit the Big Apple to frequent the theater and restaurants or simply to ride the subway around town as a mental refresh if you’re coming from a small town.

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that helps you reflect 0on the history of the country, visit the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art. You can purchase a tourist pass if you’re thinking about participating in these types of activities and events to save money. People thinking about moving to NYC may wish to visit several types of neighborhoods to assess them for safety, walkability, and convenience.

These cities are large and diverse enough to provide wonderful and relaxing experiences for people of all types. Consider visiting one of these cities for your next vacation, and you might discover a renewed love for travel and a passion for taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.

Thanks to Justin Bennett for this nice guest piece when everyone is starting to plan some travel and vacations again when the vaccine and mask mandates are being removed. If interested, check out his web site: healthyfit.info.

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