Becoming a Digital Nomad: A Brief Guide To Finding Success on the Road

Toda, Jesse Clark returns based on popular demand as a guest author to help people explore being a potential digital nomad. 

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For as long as there has been humankind, there have been nomads. While the basis of the nomadic lifestyle has remained the same over the millennia, what people do to survive has evolved to align with societal needs and expectations. Whereas once upon a time nomads were hunter-gatherers, today they are digital drifters. What does that mean, and how can you become one yourself? The David Cross Travel Blog presents the following guide that can help would-be digital nomads answer some important questions.

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

A digital nomad is a person who works remotely while traveling to foreign lands. These people work in coffee shops, public libraries, parks, co-working spaces, and anywhere else they can get an internet connection. Like nomads of yore relied on their intuition, hunting prowess, and weapons of choice, today’s nomads rely on digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

With the working world quickly becoming more remote — according to surveys, approximately 55% of workers said they work more hours from home than their actual offices — the digital nomad lifestyle is not out of your reach. There are just a few considerations to make beforehand.

Consider Reliable and Practical Job Opportunities

First and foremost, identify your skills and start researching remote gigs. While you can do anything from consulting to graphic design remotely, some of the most reliable and lucrative jobs you can do online are:

  • Copywriting
  • Social media manager
  • Website developer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Video producer/editor
  • Language teacher
  • Translator

You could also consider becoming a tour guide, which can allow you to earn a living and learn more about each place you visit.

Make a Plan To Financially Support Yourself

Ideally, your freelance job will help you earn enough to support yourself wherever your travels take you. However, a large part of the appeal of a nomadic lifestyle is the ability to see and do new things, which means you cannot work all the time. You need to prepare in advance by saving for your trip and paying down any lingering debt. Identify ways to save money on the road, such as by traveling in an RV or camping along the way.

Find Tech-Friendly Rentals

Tech-friendly rentals help you do two things: remain connected to your work and communicate seamlessly with your clients and customers. Both these points are huge if you hope to maintain a lucrative business on the road. It’s hard to know for sure if a rental will offer the tech support you need to operate a business. Fortunately, sites exist to help you streamline the search from any mobile device.

Develop a System To Stay Organized

As a digital nomad, you have two main priorities: to fund your lifestyle and to see and explore as much of a location as possible. You may find it difficult to balance business with pleasure without a solid organizational system in place.

While there are dozens of tools to help you keep your life organized, consider creating a calendar planner. A digital monthly planner template offers a 30-day overview of the tasks you want or need to accomplish during that period. You can individualize many templates with videos, graphics, and sticky notes, any of which can make staying organized and meeting deadlines more fun.

If you think the nomadic lifestyle may be for you, give it a shot, even if just for a month. Before you head out, though, keep these tips in mind.

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