Travelling in 2021

Kicking off a new year of travel!

What a bleak start as a long time Delta Diamond member.  This really provides a blunt state of the travel world doesn’t it?   Well, given the challenges and stories of 2020, I thought it was appropriate to reflect on the past year and also do a little forecasting for 2021.  Sound good?

Looking back at 2020, it has been a challenging year from a travel perspective.  My only (minor) trip was in March and it was it was the last time I flew on a plane in 2020.  As a result it was my post popular posting of the year.  Which one was it?

Now which was the posting that was the most popular post of all time and the second most popular this year despite the world being in lockdown?

I think we all look forward to concerts, events and travelling again! Hence, the third most popular posting this year was a posting that I kept up to date on travel planning:

Now, that will be the theme a little later below, but first, let’s look at a few stats from the year in totality that I thought were quite interesting.

Overall, how did the site stats compare to last year?  Overall, it had 7,500 views and 3,800 visitors which is approximately 45% less that 2019.  Wow, only a 50% drop versus almost a 90% drop in most travel!

Now, one of the more interesting stats is the top countries of followers or readers.  What countries outside of the US and UK were in the top ten?  It is fascinating that China is in the top ten, I actually thought that WordPress might have been blocked in China!

OK – with that done, let’s look forward to 2021.  Yes, I am craving to start travelling internationally again, and it is still not clear when that will be allowed, safe and what restrictions we will face.  This guy cannot wait to show up in the next picture in the next country to say the least.

I do have to agree with this great NY Times article which basically reminds us: when the pandemic ends, don’t wait or delay to plan your next adventure!  I know that when I encountered a potential life ending event, I was not mad that I might not be able to ever travel, because I never delayed or waited.  I am always looking forward and never missing a moment to plan and take my next trip.  My goal is still to visit 100+ countries before I can no longer travel…but I am not looking forward to wearing a mask for 10+ hours while I look out the window towards my next destination.

Although I have been to all continents, above the Arctic Circle and even to Antarctica, I have only run on 6 of the 7 continents which I have tried to capture in many of my running posts.  I still have not RUN in Australia yet, the question is whether I will be able to do that in 2021???  I hopeful that we might be able to take a potential A&K trip towards the end of the year.

So, what does the year look like for a chance to actually accomplish that goal?

  1. We will need a vaccine
  2. Most of the world will need a vaccine for places to be open
  3. People will need vaccine passports (like this article suggests)

Building on that, I had a guest author capture some great summary guidelines in her posting, and regularly checking on where the lockdowns have ended to plan your flights and stays as soon as they become available.

I do want to take a cruise again, but I hate to say it, until we have worldwide (herd) immunity, I just don’t see cruises being safe, attractive or a great choice in 2021.  Let’s be hopeful in mid 2022 given all the data and stats we can observe at this time.

So, do not wait wait to plan your next adventure.  Pick your goal (destination) and keep a very close eye on when that country is open again. I think this is the best site to track all countries status and is regularly updated.  Assume (and yes I know you should never assume, but…) that flights, hotels, tours, etc. will all be snatched up quick once a country opens again.  Be ready and go fast (once you have your vaccine!).

Happy New Year and Happy travels in 2021!

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