Exploring Grenada by Sea and by Land

We did a little more exploring by sea with a few more dives around the island.


Yes and it is HOT here, but the sky looks red from the filter on the GoPro, so don’t worry.


You never know what you might find when diving.  Here is a rare tire from a 1993 Honda Civic.


We also discovered a large number of lion fish.  They were quite large and colorful.


They seemed to bunch together on this dive.


Also found a few lobsters.  This was a huge one that was quite evasive and did not want to come out and hang out with us divers.  If you look close, you can see him hiding in the the overhang in the coral.

On the land side, the best way to explore is running of course!  Very friendly people and very safe to run anywhere on the island.

Took a slight side road to visit the famous St. Georges medical school.  This school is 40% of the entire GDP of the island.

In this heat, it is so HOT and HUMID, it is almost impossible to carry enough water to run long distances.  So, the recommendation is to use the local energy drink: 130 proof white rum.  It will be more efficient than Gatorade.

And if you keep exploring, you can find some private beach areas to sit in the shade to cool down from your sprints up the small local hills.

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