Arctic Circle Birds and Islands

This afternoon we hopped in the zodiacs to go check out the borg of Guillemot birds that live and control Alkjefellet (Auk Mountain) island.

bird island 1

The island is full of waterfalls and nests.

bird island 2

There is apparently 60,000 of these buggers living on the edge of the cliffs.



The picture does not show it very well, but they are everywhere and it feels like a Alfred Hitchhock movie.

bird island 3

Quite noisy and you sometimes to have to watch for the young chicks dive bombing you from above…their first test is to leave the nest and enter the water.



They go as much as 100 meters deep to find food, but they are smart like humans and avoid the dangerous jellyfish that swarm the cold waters.

fox 1

They attract polar bears, gulls and Arctic fox who like to poach the young chicks.  The fox are so small and fast to catch my camera.



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