Hiking and Boating in Greenland

We took the ship deep in the famous Kjeser Franz-Jospeh fjord since all the ice is melting away and it can now be reached in the summer months.  It is famous for the German North Pole expedition in the late 1860s.  We went east (inland) almost 80 miles!

It is apparently a national park and our ship received a special permit to explore it.


The water was like glass and all you can hear is the water rushing down the glacier when you leave the ship.


The best part is hiking up the mountain to get views of the greater scenery.


I think it can be a dangerous place since there are bones everywhere.  I think it is best to stay in the sun to avoid any potential zombies that may appear unexpectedly.


What I found quite interesting is the bright white rabbits.  They are quite scared when they see Americans appear so it is hard to get close to them.  If you look close in this picture, you might see one hiding in the rocks.


On the shore, there was a hut.  It is hard to determine if it is being used anymore, but our understanding is that is has been refurbished by the hunters/explorers that used the cabin in the past.  I am not sure where they get all the coal from…


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