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Exploring Quito – Day 2

I do not know how, but we got very lucky in avoiding the dry season thunderstorms threatening the area this week. We enjoyed exploring a little more of the history of Quito which has a very strong Spanish Catholic influence … Continue reading

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Exploring Quito

Day 1 Some people say that Quito is not a safe place to visit like many other large South American cities, but we found the city is full of many hidden gems, amazing food choices, different culture and wonderful people. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Quito

There are not many flights to Ecuador, so it takes a full day (dawn to dusk) to get here from the West coast of the United States. It is the same as going to the Caribbean. The airport is not … Continue reading

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Amazing Race in Israel

This week, I was able to participate in a teamwork exercise with other global CISO and cybersecurity leaders in a simulated Amazing Race exercise in Israel. It kicked off with some private briefings and breakfast at a very special event … Continue reading

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Tips to Surviving the Travel Zoo

I am sure everyone has been seeing the travel chaos in the news (media) lately. I thought I would share some first hand experiences as well. It was like all the animals waiting in line to climb in/enter the Ark. … Continue reading

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Herodium – Israel

I wanted to share one cool site I recently visited was a national park in Israel known as Herodium. I do not think many people know about this site and history. It looks like it is just a hill along … Continue reading

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The First Post Pandemic In Person Conference

OK – we have returned! The last conference I attended was the RSA Conference in 2020 which many feared would be a super spreader event (and it was not). Check out my posting from 3 years ago and compare! And … Continue reading

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Exploring Famous Borders

One of the fun elements of exploration in international destinations is the interesting sites and observations that can only be seen at the borders of various countries. I always love adventuring and exploring! One of the most recent, on a … Continue reading

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Self-Care and Personal Growth: Starting a New Chapter With Care

This week, my guest author Justin Bennett has returned and shared the latest posting as part of his Healthy Fit routine. Enjoy! The thing about major life changes is that we sometimes forget to stop and take some time for ourselves. This, … Continue reading

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Ella Valley – Israel

For those who love history, this posting may be one of interest who like to explore famous for subtle locations in various countries. I had the opportunity to take a drive and explore the Ella Valley. Why is this so … Continue reading

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