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Running Around the Secret Greenland Outpost

We stopped at a secret village on the eastern side of Greenland known as Ittoqqqortoormiit.  If interested, here are some other postings of our visit to Greenland: The icy side of Greenland Hiking and boating Greenland fjords Polar Bears near … Continue reading

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Polar Bears Know How to Swim!

When we were about 60 miles away from the eastern coast of Greenland…and what did we see? Rare to see them that far out – the captain of the ship almost went ballistic as nobody believed him when he sighted … Continue reading

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Even in the Arctic Circle – You are Followed

We went back south to check out the (small) Stor0ya island. We wanted to explore for some more local wildlife that may be hanging out around the research points.  I think this is one of the cell phone signal capture … Continue reading

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Late Night Polar Bear Attacks in Arctic Circle!

The ship headed up to the ice barrier today…we wanted to explore the where the northern ice line exists.  And supposedly, this is where the polar bear mafia resides. We got up to approximately 81 degrees 55 minutes north and … Continue reading

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We are back! Blogging from Ny-Alesund

We wanted to make sure we could run in the Arctic Circle, so we stopped at Ny-Alesund which is at 78 Degrees 55 minutes North latitude. It is located in the northern part of the Svalbard islands which are controlled … Continue reading

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