Late Night Polar Bear Attacks in Arctic Circle!

The ship headed up to the ice barrier today…we wanted to explore the where the northern ice line exists.  And supposedly, this is where the polar bear mafia resides.

ice night

We got up to approximately 81 degrees 55 minutes north and then the ice flows started to appear.

sun at night

I don’t know if anyone knows it…but in the summer months in the Arctic Circle, the sun never goes down.  Never.  The next few shots are taken at 11:30 PM, 1:30 AM and 3 AM in the morning.  We were looking for polar bears.

bear snack

We found one that just completed his late night snack. I think it was a seal tartar main course since this is a French ship…

bear roll

He was so happy, he kept jumping around and rolling on the ice like a dog. Maybe he just had too much champagne with his meal. Champagne is always flowing on this French ship!

bear swim

We also found one that is performing a late night swim at 3 AM to get some exercise.  The rumor is he is working on a triathlon next year in Hawaii.  Unconfirmed.

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