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The Fall Jabs (Shots)

The Bi-Variant COVID Booster The Fall 2022 Influenza (Flu) vaccines OK – what in the world am I talking about? I am sharing my experience with the new bi-variant boosters that have been recently approved by the FDC and CDC … Continue reading

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Time to Get Boosted!

Yep – you guessed it, I got my 3rd COVID-19 vaccine shot (booster) Friday. Yeah! I am excited. Some mental relief. And everyone is asking – what are the side effects? Let’s start with WHY I got the booster. Multiple … Continue reading

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Moderna Vaccine 2nd Shot Side Effects

CNN had a good article on what people should expect after their second vaccine shot that many may want to read to get prepared. Talking and observing many that have received the Pfizer of Moderna vaccines in the United States, … Continue reading

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