Exploring Quito

Day 1

Some people say that Quito is not a safe place to visit like many other large South American cities, but we found the city is full of many hidden gems, amazing food choices, different culture and wonderful people.

After our late arrival, we started exploring the city. We mainly started in the old historical part of Quito. Of course I went running for a short jog to explore like I always do around the world 😉

We decided to take a local cooking class today – specializing in chocolate.

Did you know that Ecuador is the true origin of cocoa and the oldest cultivation of it around the world?

We visited the famous REPUBLICA DEL CACAO shop and were blessed with a hands-on training class on all the techniques, rules and challenges in making great chocolate delicacies.

Sometimes, it is amazing on how fast kids can learn and become expert pasty chefs! I have to admit I learned a lot about chocolate and cocoa that I never learned before.

We strolled around the area and picked up a new suitcase from one of the dozen local shops in the area that sell almost everything. The shops are all quite reasonable in price, all within walking distance…but be prepared, they almost only take cash and not credit cards. The nice thing is the US dollar is the standard currency.

To end the day, we took a great recommendation and visited Casa Manuela. 5 star. Not crowded, very pleasant, great staff.

If you go before 7 PM, you have the best service and do not wait for anyone. The food is delicious, very generous portions and great local wines too!

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4 Responses to Exploring Quito

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  2. dwaterson says:

    Thanks for sharing another interesting post David.
    I recommend the Manuela Saenz museum in Quito – she was the girlfriend of Simon Bolivar. That history is fascinating – there is a wonderful Netflix series available.
    Have fun.

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