Seattle Symphony Reimagined

The summer has ended and the fall has started.  In the fall, this is usually the kickoff of many events – sports, theater and orchestras.  But unfortunately, across most of the world, we are restricted from travelling and even thinking of attending a large indoor event.  If interested, this page is where I keep posting updates on international travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

So…what are the options, what will we see in the 2020-2021 season of arts and entertainment?  Well, like the Seattle Symphony demonstrated last night, you need to Reimagine!

Last night was the opening ceremony which used to be a historical “Gala”, but because Benaroya Hall could not be occupied safely, they organized a “drive in” event in Marymoor Park for donors and sponsors.

Despite all the challenges this year, we adapt, we overcome and only face forward!

It was really well done and I must admit the camera work on the streaming and the quality of the audio was exceptional.  It was a delight to “escape”, support the symphony and experience a wonderful night of music.  We could not socialize, but we could still connect and it was memorable.

You can actually still stream and watch it for free!  Highly recommended to check out while it is still available.  And consider supporting the community and artists to get us through the year and the COVID-19 challenges.

The Seattle Times had a good review with this quote really summing it up:  “These are the times when we are grateful for the gift of beautiful sounds, even at a distance, and for the reminder that great music will outlast any pandemic.”

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