Wildlife in the Southern Tip of Africa

Today we went down south the explore the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point.  Very popular locations, but surprisingly they were not too crowded and you could easily get around and take pictures.

Cape Good Hope

I only wish we had more time to do some longer hikes to explore all the views along the coast.  Definitely some amazing hiking trails here despite the wind and the light rain.

Along the way, we certainly got to check out some of all the famous beaches and luxury homes all owned by the world’s celebrities.  The odd thing is this coastline ALWAYS has brutal winds in the summer and the winter…yet it is so popular.

We certainly also ran into lots of interesting wildlife (in the wild) like these SA antelope which were grazing along side the mountain.

As well as wild ostriches that also roam the countryside.  Ostrich is a very popular and quite a tasty meat dish here in South Africa.

We continued to avoid the light rain today and also got to take a short hike up to the Cape Point lighthouse which was a little further south.


Some amazing views up here and you can view the Cape Hope from above as the Atlantic and Indian oceans converge here.

We then headed back up north a little to Simon’s Town to have a local beer and local fish (Hake).

Along the way, you do run into some of the local children trying to make a few coins.  It is hard to resist not being supportive of this poor country and economy.

This is a great town/city for a stop as there are some unique birds that are quite animated and craving attention…

because everyone likes to visit and say hello to all the African penguins that make their home here.

There were definitely some very young “chicks?” that you could observe in their home nests. This is one of the best and easiest places to meet penguins north of Antarctica!

Check out some of the following day blog posting as we toured South Africa!

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