Kruger National Park South Africa

Day two of exploring the wildlife of Kruger National Park with some professional local guides in Land Rovers…and guess what? We did not have a single breakdown!

Day two was a little more adventurous and we had to hunt (no pun intended) for some of the wildlife we did not see on day one.  Some of the rare species are hard to find.

The hippos definitely liked hanging out with us by our lodge. They are very casual and slow moving and hard to find above the water in the river.

We also had some fun time capturing some bird (no pun intended).  This was an African-Hawk eagle and it did not attack us for some reason.

The Hornbills were quite prominent and interesting. We did not see them capturing anything, but we could tell they were ready to attack us!

There are tons of antelope in the park, but here was some nice Kudo who we enjoyed an early morning breakfast with.

What was the coolest find!  The rare pangolin which we spotted late at night with the help of a FLIR.

Stay tuned…more coming tomorrow this following blog post!

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