The Icy Side of Greenland

The eastern side of Greenland is the icy side where it used to always be frozen and full of ice.  The Norse explorers and Vikings only settled on the Green side – the western side of Greenland in the past.


You can see how the eastern side looks in the summer.  I took a little selfie with my GoPro at the top of one of the mountains.  You can see the ship in the far distance.


Hiking up the mountain, I found that the visitors like to do a little target shooting here in Greenland.


They have also been hunting.  You can find numerous bones from reindeer, musk ox, moose, etc. all throughout the area.  Could also be polar bear predators as well.  That is why you always have to have armed escorts when hiking.


The best part of this hike was the climb to the start of the creek/glacier runoff.  The water was so clear and cool; it was tempting to drink fresh glacier water.


After a great hike, it is a good excuse to have a white chocolate polar bear for dessert…


And we enjoyed some Portteus wine to celebrate our annual anniversary that we found in a local shop in Greenland 🙂

Here are some other postings of our visit to Greenland:

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