Arrived in Kyoto

We met with a local family in their home before leaving Kanazawa…we met a fantastic man and his wife. He was part of a big family that makes and sells Sake in Japan.  Wonderful experience.


We then took the train to Kyoto.  Gorgeous ride along the lake and mountains.  Great time to catch up on some reading along the way.


 Kyoto is full of energy without a doubt.  Different than other cities in Japan.


The shopping street at night is also crazy! Definitely not to be missed.


 More will be coming tomorrow after touring around the city today.


One cool thing about Japan is that you can actually drink the water out of the tap…but if you need a drink…vending machines are almost every 100 meters on every street, alley or country road. They have more coffee in a can choices than I can count!

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