A Hidden Gem in Kanazawa

Today was a holiday across Japan so we got to hang out with the various radical political groups around the city Kanazawa.


It was fun walking from location to location and joining them. The most interesting were the groups with the most police standing by.

Our true goal was to try and visit the Prefecture History Museum which has many samurai exhibits and gear you can even try on, but it is under renovation until March 2015 😦


So, instead we visited the Honda Zohinkan museum. It was small and an overpriced entrance, but it was an interesting perspective of the Honda family.  The poster is the only picture they let us take.


We then found our way to Teramachi Temple area.


This a great area to visit in Kanazawa in my humble opinion…I don’t think it is a place where many western tourists visit.

But is a very quiet and serene gem to seek out.


The best hidden secret (pun intended) is the Ninja Temple, or the proper name is the Myoryuji Temple.


It is very similar to the Winchester House in San Jose, California. Hidden stairs, trap doors, etc. It is only in Japanese and you have to make reservations. But if you are sly, you can convince them to let you in and give you a English pamphlet and it will make your day. It will take some time and patience, but one place I can definitely recommend to visit in Japan.

Here are some of the other places we visited in Japan on this trip:


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