Kyoto is the Birthplace of the Planet of the Apes

Our final day in Kyoto was to check out a few more things before we head south. Last night, we did have an opportunity to learn about and listen to a little traditional Japanese music. The Japanese bamboo flute is not easy to learn….that is for sure.


This morning, we thought the best way to check out the Imperial Gardens in Kyoto is to run through them.

Kyoto Imperial Gardens

Nice way to kick off the day, but it is closer to a 12K run. Highly recommend for runners visiting Kyoto.


We then headed back to the northwest of Kyoto to check out the Monkey Park.


It is known locally as Iwatayama Park or Monkey Mountain.

It is one heck of a hike.


Steep, but not crowded outside of a handful of people.


But the views of Kyoto are amazing.  The monkeys run free and are very friendly.


It is fun to feed them and watch the babies compete with the adults


And the youngsters compete with the koi fish for peanuts.


It was so hot, we decided we deserved ice cream after that climb.  To end the day, we went to the Kyoto museum.


It had a nice French collection this month and we were able to view a large number of Monets we had never seen before. Great collection and a small, but very nice museum. Very popular with the local crowd.

One more dinner and then we take the bullet train to Hiroshima tomorrow!

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