Ever Hike a Glacier?

The satellite connectivity and Internet speeds are horribly slow.  The nice pictures are just too large to upload.  So for this posting, I am using the famous high end Microsoft Paint program to reduce the size of the pics so they will actually have a chance to make it up to the WordPress site with some reliability.  How do they look?



This one is called the 14th of July Glacier.  I have no idea why it has this name, but is a strange (naming) coincidence since we are travelling on a French ship…

1 - glacier

We had an opportunity to go hike up to the Glacier.  It was actually a challenging hike up as the soil was very rocky and very unstable.  Beautiful sunny day…about 45 degrees Farenheght.  Yes, you do not want to wear warm clothes in this sun.  You will bake like the ice that is melting.



It was about a mile hike and an ascent of approximately 100 meters.  It was a fun climb that definitely needed good hiking boots given the terrain.  The heavy rubber boots from the ship met the need nicely.  So did my GoPro that I used to climb up here from the ocean edge.

The glacier looks gorgeous from a distance, but up close, you see all the debris and rocks that are collected by the moving ice.  It is pretty cool to see how the glaciers work first hand and understand how rocks are crushed and moved off the mountains.


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  1. Jeffrey Starbling says:

    Photos look great David.

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