Galapagos Sea Lions

The sea lions are the #1 inhabitant of the Galapagos and they are EVERYWHERE.

I should have started with them, but I wanted to share the full experience and some of the greater videos that I captured which took much more bandwidth than is available on the islands.

They are very playful.

The males, females and young sea lions are all very different.

Some are more friendly than others.

and it is always a delight to find when there is a newborn sea lion is only 1-2 days old!

It was pretty amazing to see the ritual and how long young sea lions rely on nursing with their mothers.

The #1 predator of the sea lions are the sharks. We did not run into any or see any except late at night at the back of our boat.

Unfortunately they do get attacked and the general policy of the oaekyis is to not assist as historically medical assistance by humans causes more harm and infections to the population than good.

The most fun is when you get to swim or snorkle with the sea lions who are very friendly and playful.

It was even more fun when we ran into one who was playing with a discarded piece of plastic and showing off for us when we exploring the reef around the Santa Cruz island.

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