Modern Quito

At the beginning of our vacation, we stayed, explored and visited shops/restaurants in the older/historic part of Quito.

At the end of our trip, we decided to spend a day in the newer and more modern Quito. I must say, it is very different and enjoyable to experience both. We stayed at the JW Marriot which has some nice views of the mountains and also close to many shops, restaurants and local hot spots.

It was a hard decision to choose a lunch restaurant because it feels like there are so many tough choices!

The local recommendation for fast food was actually Pollo Campero and it blows away the American KFC. Give it a try. Seriously. $5 combo meal is killer.

We also got to check out some of the local markets and one amazing historic Inca/Indian museum and craft store.

Olga Fisch is restricted and a little hidden, but definitely a place to seek out. They have artifacts that are over four to five thousand years old.

Very quiet and intimate.

and many stories behind each of the artifacts.

I am not sure I have seen such history this old since the last time I visited the National Museum in Taiwan.

They even have some more modern exhibits that help to tie in the current culture of the country to many of the customs and festivities.

What is the way to end a vacation — find a great highly rated restaurant in the city to rave about!

We had the 4 course fixed menu at Somos which was amazing, but…it takes a long time and the service is slow. It was worth it and we are still raving about the flavors and artwork in both the restaurant and in the food.

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