Munich – Dachau Concentration Camp

This is a retro blog post for a visit to Munich and since it is Holocaust Remembrance Day (May 2, 2019), I felt it was my duty to add this posting in addition to the visit I made to Krakow and Auschwitz several years ago.

Very few people know, but Dachau started as an SS Training Camp earlier in the war.

We took a public bus to visit Dachau which is about 30 minutes outside of Munich.

It was liberated by the US Army in April 1945.

It is a very educational experience in seeing and feeling the horror of the camp first hand.  we visited in the middle of the winter and you could barely imagine on how you could actually live in these cells and bunkers where there is ZERO heating and no bedding.

and in the corner of the site were the building with the furnaces.  The picture itself should shock you.  This is not fake news.

The most shocking element is how close the camp was to the village and homes nearby.  It was not hidden, it was not far away.  People lived and accepted the atrociousness that were only a stone’s throw away from their homes 😦

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