Hanging out in Marrakech

We headed south for the long 6 hour drive through the mountains and valleys of Morocco to the famous metropolitan city Marrakech.


It is very green and lush on the way…you actually start to see palm trees and camels in this part of the country.


It is very different and much more modern compared to Fes.  We got in kind of late…so we first went to dinner in the Medina in the very popular new restaurant called Latitude 31.  Highly recommended!


After dinner, we had our taxi friend take us to famous Jemaa El-Fnaa square which is full of people, shops, music, acts, and…everything.


Quite a lot of singing and dancing.  It was very dark and raining, so not the best photos.  A LOT of people, that is for sure.


It is a cross between Woodstock and Burning Man…but when you get close, the locals start demanding tips from foreigners, so watch out!  They are aggressive…

Stay tuned for more tomorrow…

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